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The Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) was established in 1970, upon the desire of the Arab countries. Realizing the vital role of agriculture within the region's economy, the Arab countries recognized the need for coordination between their different policies in agriculture, natural and human resources as well as economic development, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of a fully integrated Arab economies

SUBJECT: paises arabes; feasibility studies; development projects; estudios de factibilidad; pays arabes

SUBJECT: paises arabes; development projects; eau souterraine; recarga de aguas subterraneas; aguas subterraneas

SUBJECT: paises arabes; desertification; control de la erosion; development projects; pays arabes

SUBJECT: damage; paises arabes; protection de l'environnement; environmental factors; factores ambientales

SUBJECT: demanda; paises arabes; eau disponible; disponibilidad del agua; water management

SUBJECT: betail; development projects; ganado; control de enfermedades; livestock

SUBJECT: demanda; paises arabes; riego; eau disponible; disponibilidad del agua

SUBJECT: resource management; paises arabes; amelioration des paturages; agroforesteria; pasture improvement