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The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) is one of the world's leading research partners in finding solutions for hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. Our award-winning research for development (R4D) addresses the development needs of tropical countries. We work with partners to enhance crop quality and productivity, reduce producer and consumer risks, and generate wealth from agriculture.

SUBJECT: agriculture; research institutions; institution de recherche; instituciones de investigacion; agricultura

SUBJECT: insolation; couvert; canopy; spacing; cubierta vegetal

SUBJECT: minnesota/ physiology; research policies; politique de la recherche; soja; minnesota/ physiologie

SUBJECT: biometry; caupi; gaz; biometria; niebe

Screening for drought response at IRRI

O'Toole, J.C. et al. [1975]

SUBJECT: drought resistance/ plant breeding; resistance a la secheresse/ amelioration des plantes; resistencia a la sequia/ fitomejoramiento

SUBJECT: insolation; couvert; luz del dia; canopy; cubierta vegetal

SUBJECT: cereales; drought resistance/ plant breeding; physiology; resistance a la secheresse/ amelioration des plantes; physiologie

SUBJECT: effet du milieu/ amelioration des plantes; africa occidental; environmental effects/ plant breeding; west africa; physiology

SUBJECT: resistencia a la sequia; drought resistance; resistance a la secheresse; biometrie/ amelioration des plantes; biometry/ plant breeding

SUBJECT: zea mays; rendement des cultures; efectos del medio ambiente; temperature du sol/ croissance; environmental effects