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ICARDA has a global mandate for the improvement of barley, lentil and faba bean and serves the non-tropical dry areas for the improvement of on-farm water-use efficiency, rangeland and small-ruminant production. In the Central and West Asia and North Africa (CWANA) region, ICARDA contributes to the improvement of bread and durum wheats, kabuli chickpea, pasture and forage legumes and associated farming systems. It also works on improved land management, diversification of production systems, and value-added crop and livestock products. Social, [...]

The nutrition related research at ICARDA is discussed under the headings: product quality research; the ICARDA/UNU Workshop on Interfaces between Agriculture, Food Science and Human Nutrition in the Middle East Held in Aleppo on 21-25 Feb 1982; and the Workshop on Interfaces between Agriculture, Food Science and Human Nutrition in the Sudan. Summary of the recommendations is also given

SUBJECT: enquete; investigacion; oriente medio; organisation internationale; nutrition

POSTED TO: Discussion Paper (ICARDA)

SUBJECT: methode; fitomejoramiento; metodos; lens culinaris; methods

Seed storage

Agrawal, P.K. [1986]

SUBJECT: gaz; proteccion; physiology; insectos; physiologie

SUBJECT: produccion vegetal/ coaccion; lens culinaris; vicia faba; forecasting; objetivos

SUBJECT: cereales; pratique culturale/ terre; seeding rates; cantidad de semilla requerida; cereals

An approach is proposed whereby information from multiple season-multiple site experiments can be used efficiently towards the objective of taking environmental variability into consideration. Results pertaining to drilled barley (cv Beecher) from the trials conducted by the Farming Systems Program, across the rainfall transect in Aleppo province, Syria between 1979 and 1983, are used to illus ...

SUBJECT: pruebas; precipitacion atmosferica; sistemas de explotacion/ estaciones del ano; systeme d'exploitation agricole/ saison; cantidad de semilla requerida

POSTED TO: Discussion Paper (ICARDA)

Seed sampling

Burg, W.J. van der [1986]

SUBJECT: experimentation en laboratoire; certification des semences; analisis; analyse; certificacion de semillas

SUBJECT: croisement/ contrainte; cruzamiento/ coaccion; hibridacion; vicia faba; genes

SUBJECT: colour; triticum; color; identificacion/ testa; seed testing

SUBJECT: physiologie/ germination; embryon; fisiologia/ germinacion; embrion; physiology/ germination