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Our approach is through partnerships and with an Inclusive Market Oriented Development. Partnerships are critical as ICRISAT takes a catalyst role to help rural communities develop their own solutions and engage the actors needed to bring the vision to reality. Inclusive means we are inclusive of the farmers in developing solutions and inclusive of the all people especially women and youth. Market Oriented Development means we focus our research and development efforts on making farming profitable, helping move farmers from subsistence to comm [...]

The revised sorghum simulation model, SORGF, was used to demonstrate the applications of crop simulation models in the semi-arid tropics. Comparison between simulated and observed grain yield data showed that the SORGF model can be used to estimate sorghum yields with reasonable accuracy before harvest. Responses of sorghum to drought-stress and to changes in plant density were simulated. The ...

SUBJECT: meteorologie/ rendement des cultures; sorghum; meteorologia/ rendimiento de cultivos; modele; modelos

SUBJECT: india/ hosts; india/ hospederos; natural enemies; inde/ hote; enemigos naturales

SUBJECT: india/ investigacion; pennisetum typhoides; inde/ recherche; cicer arietinum; cajanus cajan

POSTED TO: Annual Report (ICRISAT) [0257-2478]

SUBJECT: ressource genetique; recursos geneticos; india/ investigacion; pennisetum typhoides; inde/ recherche

POSTED TO: Annual Report (ICRISAT) [0257-2478]

SUBJECT: investigacion; malawi/ amelioration des plantes; pest resistance; vertisol; mejoramiento nutricional

POSTED TO: Annual Report (ICRISAT) [0257-2478]

SUBJECT: egipto; egypt; egypte; deserts/ agricultural development; desiertos/ desarrollo agricola

SUBJECT: caracteristicas agronomicas; india/ varieties; pennisetum typhoides; caractere agronomique; agronomic characters

POSTED TO: Plant Material Description (ICRISAT)