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The objective of ICPA is to generate knowledge on soil, fertilisers and plant nutrition, and to develop technologies and skills to apply that knowledge. The results of public-funded research are normally published as scientific papers. Contract work is reported confidentially to customers, but this may also be published later on agreed terms. Other important outputs include the development of technologies, such as modeling software packages, some of which lead to patents and commercially exploitable products. Advice on policy to Government a [...]

SUBJECT: epoca; potatoes; timing; planting stock; date (de l'evenement)

POSTED TO: Productia vegetala. Horticultura (Romania)

SUBJECT: tractors; abonadoras; aptitude au travail/ propriete technique; rastra; optimization methods

POSTED TO: Productia vegetala. Mecanizarea agriculturii (Romania)

SUBJECT: aplicacion de fertilizantes/ propiedades fisico-quimicas (suelo); fertilisation/ propriete physico-chimique du sol; nitrogen; romania; fertilizer application/ soil chemicophysical properties

POSTED TO: Productia vegetala. Cereale si plante tehnice (Romania)

SUBJECT: agua de riego/ espaciamiento; irrigation water/ spacing; necesidades de agua; cultivos; rendement des cultures

POSTED TO: Probleme de agrofitetehnie teoretica si aplicata (Romania)

SUBJECT: plant nutrition; propriete physico-chimique du sol; engrais organomineral; soil chemicophysical properties; nutricion de las plantas

POSTED TO: Productia vegetala. Cereale si plante tehnice (Romania)

SUBJECT: romania/ disease resistance; rumania/ resistencia a la enfermedad; herencia; plante fourragere; inheritance

POSTED TO: Bulletin de l'Academie des Sciences Agricoles et Forestiers (Romania)

The protection of irrigated barley and two-rowed barley crops grown in the semi-arid dry steppe area of Dobrudja against foliar diseases and lodging resulted in yield increases averaging 14.5 q (i.e. 21.7%) in barley and 12.8 q (19.7%) in two-rowed barley. By protecting the yields increased in the average by 4.6 q (6.9%) in barley and 5.4 q(8.5%) in two-rowed barley, while protection against l ...

SUBJECT: mildio; rumania/ hojas; rouille; control de enfermedades; agricultura de regadio

POSTED TO: Analele Institutului de cercetari pentru protectia plantelor (Romania)

SUBJECT: cereales; soil zonation; zonificacion de suelos; rendement des cultures; siembra

POSTED TO: Probleme de agrofitotehnie teoretica si aplicata (Romania)

Sterility and unfertility are causing important losses in dairy cows husbandry because of the non realisation of the required calves number, of the planned milk amount and of the unproductive expenses. Owing to the economical measures taken within the farm (drug cost and remuneration of the sanitary-veterinary employers), the losses were limited and the possible occurrence of other deficiencie ...

SUBJECT: infertilite femelle; inversiones/ rendimiento lechero; fecundidad; fecondite; therapeutique

POSTED TO: Cercetari agronomice in Moldova (Romania)

SUBJECT: technologie appropriee; rumania/ plantulas; 2,4-d; appropriate technology; analyse cout avantage

POSTED TO: Productia vegetala. Horticultura (Romania)