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The Central Scientific Agricultural Library of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences is a Bibliographic Center for Agricultural Science and Industry in Russia

The purpose of the study was to identify the relative effectiveness of the nanomaterial and new types of fertilizers for foliar fertilizing of oats crops under condition of the Upper Volga. The work was performed in the three-factor field experiment in 2010–2011 on well-cultivated sod medium-podzol residual calcareous gleyey sandy-loam soil on the moraine. The application of two foliar nutriti ...

SUBJECT: efficacite; composante de rendement; efficiency; acido humico; engrais organique

POSTED TO: Research and Technical Advances of Agribusiness Sector [0235-2451]

Physiological researches and balance experiments for feed nutrient digestibility determination were carried out in vivarium of All-Russia Research and Development Inst. of Livestock Husbandry on six bull-calves-analogs of Black-and-White breed with live weight 240 kg operated for making fistulas in the rumen. Karmecell at a dose of 77 g in a day was fed to three animals in the experiment group ...

SUBJECT: flore microbienne; digestive system; metabolisme; appareil digestif; digestibilite

POSTED TO: Research and Technical Advances of Agribusiness Sector [0235-2451]

The degree of BLV distribution was investigated among animals of Black-and-White (n=302) and Red Gorbatov (n=156) breeds with different genotypes on BoLA-DRB3 using developed test-system for diagnostic of provirus form of the virus. In the group of homozygous carriers of BoLA-DRB3 alleles, associated with genetic resistance to BLV (alleles 11, *23, *28=*7§Ў), carriers of BVL were lacked, while ...

SUBJECT: rendimiento lechero; genotypes; diagnosis; cattle; adn

POSTED TO: Research and Technical Advances of Agribusiness Sector [0235-2451]

Polymorphism of the gene of prion protein was studied in Romanov breed sheep from 7 regional groups using developed test-system for gene-diagnostics of resistance of sheep to prurigo. The seven regional group were the pedigree nursery "Kolos" (ROM 1, n=98), LLC "Tutaevo" (ROM 2, n=90), Yaroslavl region; a farm (ROM 3, n=211), Ryazan region; SPP "Rus'" (ROM 4, n=45), Moscow region; a farm (ROM ...

SUBJECT: breeds (animals); marcadores geneticos; race (animal); resistencia genetica; priones

POSTED TO: Research and Technical Advances of Agribusiness Sector [0235-2451]

Investigation of information value of the multiplex test systems for analysis of chicken with the different number of loci

Novgorodova, I.P., All-Russia Research and Development Inst. of Livestock Husbandry et al. [2012]

The comparative study of two multiplex test systems for analysis of chicken microsatellites including eight ("short" type) and eleven ("long" type) loci was performed. The analysis of 100 samples of DNA derived from five chicken breeds showed the high specificity of developed systems, the number of amplified loci was 99.88 and 99.91 per cent for "short" and "long" types of test systems, respec ...

SUBJECT: population genetics; genetica de poblaciones; genes; gene; gene location

POSTED TO: Research and Technical Advances of Agribusiness Sector [0235-2451]

Home-made disinfectant Dezavid based on quaternary ammonium compounds was tested to be used in industrial aquiculture conditions. Different concentrations of the preparation in standing aquariums with artesian water, minimum content of organics and water aeration on rainbow trout, sterlet and carp in order to determine an optimum fish-endurable doze of Dezavid. Clinical and postmortem investig ...

SUBJECT: organismos patogenos; disinfection; toxine; pesca; water pollution

POSTED TO: Veterinary Medicine Journal [0042-4846]

A possibility to determine the freshness of fish and fish products according to the content of histamine – a toxicant formed in the storage process and inducing poisoning is shown. Studied were samples of frozen and smoked fish, canned fish and fish preserves at different storage time. The fish samples after an organoleptic evaluation were further studied by means of a compressor express metho ...

SUBJECT: produit frais; productos derivados del pescado; histamine; quality controls; productos frescos

POSTED TO: Veterinary Medicine Journal [0042-4846]

The purpose of the work is the adaptation of attenuated strain (AS) of goat pox virus (GPV) to the primary and passaged sheep kidney cell cultures (SKCC) and study of biological properties of experimental virus vaccine based on it. There were used: epizootic goat pox virus (GPV) strain Dangarinsky having an activity of 45 ID50/cub. cm; AS of GPV; the primary lamb kidney cell culture (LKCC) and ...

SUBJECT: biological control agents; biological properties; lutte biologique; caprinos; tayikistan

POSTED TO: Veterinary Medicine Journal [0042-4846]

The isolation of influenza virus (4) A subtype H5 from pharyngeal and cloacal mucus of geese after experimental infection with 3 4 strains different in the pathogenicity degree for chickens was evaluated. There were taken 3 groups of geese aged at 6 weeks and 4 strains having pathogenicity of 0 to 3: A/Garganey/Altai/1213/2007 (H5N2) – (S1); A/common gull/Chany/2006 (H5N1) – (S2); A/duck/Omsk/ ...

SUBJECT: geese; diagnosis; ganso; oie; influenzavirus

POSTED TO: Veterinary Medicine Journal [0042-4846]

The efficiency of antiparasitic preparations of diclazuryl eimeterm, metronidasol, monizen and icidivite aptogen was evaluated for mixed helminthic protozoal invasions (HPI) in young pigs, lambs and calves. Protozoan diseases were diagnosed in animals: eimeriosis, cryptosporidiosis, isosporiasis, balantidiasis, and helminthoses. Animal feces were studied for the presence of protozoan oocysts a ...

SUBJECT: dosage; protozoose; piglets; infecciones por protozoos; porcelet

POSTED TO: Veterinary Medicine Journal [0042-4846]