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Since 2005, the Academy publishes the scientific-theoretical journal «Vestnik of Ulyanovsk state agricultural academy». Since 2011, the journal is included in the list of Russian peer-reviewed journals, in which the basic scientific results of dissertations on competition of scientific degrees of doctors and candidates of sciences must be published. The journal has changed external and internal design of the publication. The quality of the print improved significantly. The journal has a citation index RISC. On the official website o [...]

Currently extrusion processing of meat and fish waste occupies a special place in feed production. This technology is the best way to decide both the disposal of meat and fish wastes and fodder additive with a high degree of digestibility and bacterial purity. Commercially available press extruders are designed mainly for processing of grain raw material and require modernization of the workin ...

SUBJECT: augers; meat; russian federation

POSTED TO: Vestnik of Ulyanovsk state agricultural academy [1816-4501]

When developing grain dryers contact type, the physical laws and physical-chemical ratios, which are subject to processes of thermal influence on the grain, and general research methods of developed mechanization and their calculations are taken into account. The process of grain drying is non-stationary and, in some cases, reversible process occurring mainly with variable (decreasing) speed, ...

SUBJECT: technical properties; farm equipment; machinery industry; drying; dryers

POSTED TO: Vestnik of Ulyanovsk state agricultural academy [1816-4501]

Currently there is no uniform method of zoning in terms of efficiency of production and processing of oilseeds, there is therefore a need to develop methodological approaches to the assessment of the level of development of the industry method of cluster analysis using indicators of potential factors placing of their production. The basis of the proposed methodology of zoning according to the ...

SUBJECT: agricultural economics; russian federation; enterprises; evaluation techniques

POSTED TO: Vestnik of Ulyanovsk state agricultural academy [1816-4501]

Ozonation of seeds, with the aim of improving their seeding and growth qualities, is a new direction in agricultural production. However, the mechanism of this effect is not studied enough, especially in respect of such valuable crops as common flax (Linum usitatissimum). We investigated the dependence of the rate of germination of dry and wet flax seed from ozone exposure. The seeds before th ...

SUBJECT: linseed; linum; ozonization

POSTED TO: Vestnik of Ulyanovsk state agricultural academy [1816-4501]

The objective of the study was to optimize the production of li-popetides synthesized by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens B15, by method of analysis of the response surface. In this work, we used a strain of bacilli B. amyloliquefaciens B15 isolated from the skin of grapes, the strain is stored in the China national Institute of food and fermentation industry. As a growth medium we used: Potato Dext ...

SUBJECT: fermentation; peptides; antimicrobial properties

POSTED TO: Vestnik of Ulyanovsk state agricultural academy [1816-4501]

Due to the fact that in the cultivation of spring barley in the Republic of Mari El its soil and climatic conditions are not used in productive way, the objective of our research was to determine the best predecessor and study the influence of mineral fertilizers on the yield of barley. To achieve this goal it was necessary to solve the following tasks: to identify the influence of predecessor ...

SUBJECT: profitability; hordeum; crop rotation; russian federation; crop yield

POSTED TO: Vestnik of Ulyanovsk state agricultural academy [1816-4501]

The most important element of increasing the yield of spring barley is the formation of optimal productive stalks, the main way of its regulation is the selection of seeds with high sowing properties, the choice of the optimal seeding rate and pre-sowing treatment of seeds. Seed is one of the main sources of the accumulation of pathogens, whose agents are Helminthosporium (Bipolaris sorokinian ...

SUBJECT: hordeum; russian federation; crop yield; seed treatment

POSTED TO: Vestnik of Ulyanovsk state agricultural academy [1816-4501]

The article presents the results of studies investigating the effect of the method of forming plants on yield and fruit quality of tomato. It is revealed that tomato varieties reacted differently to the formation of plants (bush). In the 3-year average the highest yield (21,1 t/ha) was obtained from varieties of Dubrava, under the formation of 2 sprouting. The formation of the third sprouting ...

SUBJECT: tomatoes; efficiency; varieties; russian federation; crop yield

POSTED TO: Vestnik of Ulyanovsk state agricultural academy [1816-4501]

The use of green manure and mulching of seedlings with local organic materials and zeolite-containing clays help to improve nutrient and agrophysical properties of leached Chernozem. This contributes to the intensification of the physiological and biochemical processes in beetroot, and increase the yield by 14,934,9%, the mass of roots by 11,8-16,3 g and output of standard products by 3,1-7,2 ...

SUBJECT: varieties; plant growth stimulants; crop yield

POSTED TO: Vestnik of Ulyanovsk state agricultural academy [1816-4501]

We studied the effect of the introduction in the diet of broars of such biologically active substances, as dihydroquercetin and essential phospholipids on the reproductive quality of boars manufacturers. At the present time, the use of biologically active substances of natural origin is increasingly important to increase the reproductive qualities of animals. For this purpose, a series of bio ...

SUBJECT: spermatozoa; feed additives; animal physiology; boars

POSTED TO: Vestnik of Ulyanovsk state agricultural academy [1816-4501]