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To ensure the increasing availability of enough locally produced food in order to meet the county’s food security and nutrition needs and reduce risks and vulnerability in the event of local and/or external factors which may limit or hinder access to global food markets. Based on the National Food and Nutrition Security Policy the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries will simulate and guide investments in building and sustaining desired level of local food production as part of the strategic food supply/availability system.

SUBJECT: llanura costera/ encuestas; riego; irrigation; plaine cotiere/ enquete; water management

SUBJECT: planification sectorielle; planificacion sectorial; surveys; higiene; seychelles

During 1990 an estimated total of 5,354.1mt of fish has been landed on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue by 401 fishing boats, (including sport fishing boats), 88.8 of which was landed on Mahe alone. The catch volume has increased significantly since 1989. This is due, partly, to underestimation of the whaler catch in previous years. An improved whaler survey was introduced in 1990. The number of boa ...

SUBJECT: peche artisanale/ navire de peche; exportation; compra; baleine; droit de peche

SUBJECT: investigacion; paturages; alimentacion de los animales/ recoleccion de datos; alimentation des animaux/ collecte de donnees; pastizales

Summary of available statistics relating to the Seychelles population, tourism, external trade, national accounts, economic indicators and social statistics

SUBJECT: tourisme; indicateur economique; empleo; education; cuentas nacionales

SUBJECT: gestion de l'exploitation agricole/ changement technologique; planificacion; capacitacion; production; mercadeo

SUBJECT: energia electrica; biotechnology; telecommunicaciones; transporte; surveys

SUBJECT: nombre d'expoitations agricoles; mercadeo; productividad; moyen de production agricole; vulgarisation