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The SLU University Library comprises several units located at our main campuses in Alnarp, Skara, Uppsala and Umeå. The organization also includes libraries in Skinnskatteberg and Flyinge.

Measurement of carbon dioxide and ethylene evolution from 'Victoria' plums during the last part of the growing season showed typical climacteric respiration patterns. The amount of carbon dioxide evolved decreased from approximately 50 mg.kg-1.hour-1 in late August to a minimum of less than 5 mg.kg-1.hour-1 at the optimal harvest date, then increased sharply to approximately the level first me ...

SUBJECT: respiration/ croissance; dioxido de carbono; respiracion/ crecimiento; maturation; ciruela

POSTED TO: Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica (Sweden) [0001-5121]

SUBJECT: melange de semences; erysiphe; hordeum vulgare; seed mixtures; mezcla de semillas

POSTED TO: Examensarbeten - Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen foer Vaext- och Skogsskydd (Sweden) [0348-5625]

SUBJECT: insurance/ health protection; agricultores; risque professionnel; agriculteur; farmers

SUBJECT: verrat; animales domesticos; verraco; truie; sows

POSTED TO: Statistiska Meddelanden. Serie J, Jordbruk, Skogsbruk och Fiske (Sweden) [0082-0288]

SUBJECT: ecosysteme; rotational cropping; ecosistema; *; rotation culturale

SUBJECT: production vegetale; fertilizantes; packaged technology; adoption de l'innovation; plant production

POSTED TO: Ekonomiska Studier (Sweden) [0434-2410]

Satellite data were used in developing methods for forest inventory and mapping in a cooperation project involving Finland, Norway and Sweden. A goal was to improve the technical competence in forestry remote sensing in those countries. Landsat TM- and simulated SPOT-imageries were classified using , e.g. filtered input data and contextual classifiers. The relative area distribution of usual f ...

SUBJECT: finlande; teledeteccion; recursos forestales; teledetection; suecia/ encuestas

POSTED TO: Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research (Sweden) [0282-7581]

SUBJECT: invernaderos; condition de travail; ergonomic factors/ occupational hazards; *; air temperature

The field- and bottom-layer vegetation changed substantially when Salix spp. and Alnus incana were planted, fertilized and irrigated on a Sphagnum peat bog. Of the original peat-bog species, only Eriophorum vaginatum was favoured. Only 20 of the original 39 peat-bog species remained after five years. New species like Chamaenerion angustifolium, Epilobium adenocaulon and E. palustre invaded the ...

SUBJECT: marais; cultivos energeticos; succession ecologique; tourbiere; composicion botanica

POSTED TO: Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research (Sweden) [0282-7581]

SUBJECT: planification de l'exploitation; norway; working conditions/ farm structure; planificacion de la explotacion; norvege