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Agroinstitut Nitra, state enterprise is almost 50 years deparmently educational institution of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak republic. It provides a broad portfolio of services mainly in the area of continuing vocational lifelong education, training and certification of Agricultural advisors, compiles specialized library collection, ensures effective and efficient access to information and information resources through information services and information technology. Portfolio of services is completed by hotel [...]

Soil is one of the largest reservoirs of organic matter and negative environmental changes can intensify the decomposition processes and lead to the loss of soil organic carbon. Mountain forest soils are rich in carbon and carbon is one of the most important factors influencing of aggregation. In November 2004 a windstorm in the High Tatra Mountains, Slovakia, damaged more than 12 000 ha of co ...

SUBJECT: carbono; matiere organique du sol; tempete; carbon; unidades estructurales de suelos

POSTED TO: Ekológia (Slovak Republic) [1335-342X]

Fluvial lakes are a very important part of the natural or quasi-natural river valleys. Although their origin is usually identified with the process of cutting off the meandering neck, there is also a large number of other processes responsible for floodplain basin creation. The first classifications of the floodplain lakes were very simple. All the lakes were considered as a homogenous group o ...

SUBJECT: hydrology; typologie; llanura aluvial; inundacion; plaine d'inondation

POSTED TO: Ekológia (Slovak Republic) [1335-342X]

This article contains the results of investigation into the recreational load carried out by a group of researchers in the Nagliai Nature Reserve in the Lithuanian Curonian Spit National Park, and in the blown-out dunes south of Nida. The information concerning the trampled areas and their relative portion in the preserved territory, the definition of preserved areas and decisions related to t ...

SUBJECT: planificacion; habitats; habitat; recreational areas; dune

POSTED TO: Ekológia (Slovak Republic) [1335-342X]

All research on the influence of climate conditions on the growth and evolution of woods is becoming wider, including the knowledge of optimizing activities connected with sustainable control. To achieve significant reduction in the influence of dangerous consequences from climatic anomalies, it is necessary to apply certain measures in these woods to ensure their adaptability to climate chang ...

SUBJECT: ecologie; changement climatique; ecology; ecologia; bulgaria

POSTED TO: Ekológia (Slovak Republic) [1335-342X]

City industrial zones are densely built and lack large green spaces. The plants in such zones can develop without human interference and are able to re-establish within a foreseeable period of time. This is known as spontaneous vegetation. The aim of the paper is to characterize flora established on the roofs of several abandoned buildings in the main industrial areas of Warsaw, Poland. The fi ...

SUBJECT: ville; roofs; batiment industriel; edificios industriales; poland

POSTED TO: Ekológia (Slovak Republic) [1335-342X]

The trend of present geomorphic processes in the area of the High Tatras alpine belt demonstrates the growth in intensity, frequency and influence on the environment in connection with climatic conditions which transform the alpine landscape. One morpho-dynamic phenomenon of the Tatras glacial valleys is the infilling of alpine lakes by sediments and their gradual shrinkage. Important factors ...

SUBJECT: geomorphology; slovak republic; republica eslovaca; sedimentacion; geomorphologie

POSTED TO: Ekológia (Slovak Republic) [1335-342X]

Spring-fed fens are unique peat-forming ecosystems, interesting not only in terms of their floral composition, but geological structure and palaeo-ecological development as well. Their existence is supported by a constant supply of groundwater rich in calcium carbonate. Geological structure is characterized by the occurrence of alternating layers of biogenic and carbonate deposits which reflec ...

SUBJECT: palynology; suelo calcareo; palinologia; pologne; poland

POSTED TO: Ekológia (Slovak Republic) [1335-342X]

Reclamation of land affected by past industrial activities is of major environmental concern worldwide. Major strategies involve the encouragement of better use of land, post industry, and these often focus on re-vegetation processes for forestry. Studies on the effectiveness of biological re-cultivation mainly focus on activities and techniques for the acceleration of soil formation processes ...

SUBJECT: sol; recuperation des sols; bulgaria; vegetation; soil

POSTED TO: Ekológia (Slovak Republic) [1335-342X]

The contribution presents a modelling solution concerning impact of proposals for amendments of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union after 2013 in the context of Slovak agriculture. The solution was accomplished through the Computable General Equilibrium model with emphasis on productive and less favoured agricultural areas and theoretical rents for agricultural land. As to the ...

SUBJECT: models; localisation des productions; agrarian reform; less favoured areas; politique fonciere

POSTED TO: Ekonomika poľnohospodárstva (Slovak Republic) [1335-6186]

The analysis of the development of prices in the foodstuffs vertical, it means the prices of inputs into agriculture, agricultural products, food products and consumption prices of foodstuffs, on the basis of the price scissors, and with key products on the basis of the price shares, has shown the greatest raise of prices within 2002-2010 regarding inputs into the agriculture, while prices of ...

SUBJECT: betail; foods; prix; ganado; produit alimentaire

POSTED TO: Ekonomika poľnohospodárstva (Slovak Republic) [1335-6186]