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National Agricultural Documentation Centre of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry of Sierra Leone

The papers describe a multi-disciplinary land evaluation of land use planning, aspects of land use management and socio-economic and environmental considerations in land use planning

SUBJECT: developpement foncier; desarrollo de tierras; desarrollo rural/ politica ambiental; sierra leone; sierra leona

This paper indentifies the various areas and their functions in land use planning in Sierra Leone. Although the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MANR) is charged with the responsibility for agricultural development, it lacked until 1973 adequate data on soils and land capability/suitability and socio-economic data to provide the basic frame-work for the improvement of land use pa ...

SUBJECT: aptitud de tierras; desarrollo de tierras/ recursos de la tierra; desarrollo agricola; sierra leone; developpement agricole

The report acknowledges the gap between research and extension administrators on the one hand and policy makers on the other. The need to strengthen the linkage mechanism between farmers, researchers and extension workers is also recognised. The paper discusses the linkage mechanism within the Adaptive Crop Research and Extension Project (ACRE) which could be established within the administrat ...

SUBJECT: transferencia de tecnologia/ extension; sierra leone; sierra leona; transfert de technologie/ vulgarisation agricole

POSTED TO: Fifteenth annual conference of the Sierra Leone Agricultural Society (Sierra Leone)

Update on continuing research in rice pathology and agronomy, aimed to accelerate the selection of improved rice varieties with required insect and disease resistance. Select of new tools and simple implements in the rice farming systems of the country; adaptive research on farmers' fields

SUBJECT: arroz; investigacion/ fitopatologia; riz; sierra leone; sierra leona

The problems that deter development in the rural sector of Sierra Leone are highlighted and suggestions and recommendations are given how to enhance development in the area

SUBJECT: developpement de la communaute; tourisme; desarrollo agricola; route/ developpement rural; sierra leone

Old and unimproved low yielding varieties have been considered as limiting factors for yellow maize growing. Describes how untimely planting impedes high yields and recommends solutions

SUBJECT: date de plantation; fecha de plantacion; sierra leona/ variedades; zea mays; rendement des cultures

This reports deals with the selection of the site best suited for the crop, the varieties that produce better yields, the preparation of the soil. It advises on the most suitable time and methods for sowing and advises on the use of chemical fertilizers according to soil types

SUBJECT: sierra leona/ cultivo; rendimiento; zea mays; sierra leone/ pratique culturale; rendement

POSTED TO: SMP series of reports on various crops (Sierra Leone)

A manual stating which variety of rice to plant in a particular ecology. Each variety is described according to appearance, growth duration, ability to resist diseases and palatability

SUBJECT: arroz; cultivo; marecage; riz; semence

POSTED TO: SMP series of reports on various crops (Sierra Leone)

Handbook of insect pests of rice in Sierra Leone

Akibo-Betts, D.T. et al. [sep1978]

Describes 39 pests insects of rice grouped according to the way they attack the plants. Leaf eating; sap sucking; stem boring; root feeding; grain feeding and storage pests

SUBJECT: arroz; insecte nuisible; riz; sierra leone/ ravageur des plantes; insectos daninos

POSTED TO: Technical Bulletin No. 3 - Rice Research Station, Rokupr (Sierra Leone)