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SWALIM stands for Somalia Water and Land Information Management, and the name says it all; it is an information management unit serving Somali administrations, non-governmental organisations, development agencies and UN organisations engaged in assisting Somali communities whose lives depend directly on water and land resources.One and a half decades of civil strife in Somalia have resulted in the loss or damage of most of the water- and land-related information collected in the previous half century. By producing baseline information, assessin [...]

(Extract from the Executive Summary) Appropriate water resource development is an important component in ensuring sustainable livelihoods in Mandera District. In order to support planning activities within the water sector, Oxfam Quebec commissioned Rural Focus Ltd. to undertake a water source assessment and mapping assignment in Mandera District. The main objective of the assignment was to es ...

SUBJECT: eau disponible; disponibilidad del agua; necesidades de agua; water management; north eastern

This publication presents the results of a number of deficit irrigation studies carried out for various crops and under various ecological conditions, with a review of the impact of reduced water supplies on crop yield. The results of the studies are presented in ten contributions prepared by a team of scientists specialized in deficit irrigation. The articles were prepared at the request of t ...

SUBJECT: production vegetale; riego; eau disponible; disponibilidad del agua; retention hydrique du sol

POSTED TO: Water Reports [1020-1203]


SUBJECT: conservation de la nature; conduite d'elevage; water; secheresse; water deprivation

Village irrigaton programs: A new approach in water economy

European commission on agriculture working party on water resources and Irrigation,European Commission [1971]

SUBJECT: crop management; irrigation systems; materiel d'irrigation; irrigation equipment; irrigation scheduling


Mathematical models in hydrology

Clarke, R. T.,Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, institute of Hydrology, Wallingford [1973]

SUBJECT: cycle hydrologique; mathematics; mathematical models; inundacion; linear programming

POSTED TO: FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper [0254-5284]

This volume is a revision of the 1954 FAO agricultural paper no.43 including recent legislation and 27 country studies covering some new independent states. Larger investments in water development are increasingly being made in most of these countries. This requires emphasis on legal protection against over-development of water and encouragement of efficient management

SUBJECT: mauritania; mauritanie; niger; gambie; gambia

POSTED TO: FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper [0254-5284]

Groundwater models

Thomas, R.G. [1973]

SUBJECT: planificacion; eau souterraine; mathematics; mathematical models; computers

POSTED TO: FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper [0254-5284]

Small hydraulic structures

Kratz, D. et al. [1975]

SUBJECT: riego; sistemas hidraulicos; silting; agricultura de regadio; colmatado

POSTED TO: FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper [0254-5284]

Yield response to water

Doorenbos, J.,Plusje et al. [1986]

This publication presents a methodology to quantify yield response to water through aggregate components which form the "handles" to assess crop yields under both adequate and limited water supply. The method presented in part A takes into account maximum and actual crop yields as influenced by water deficits using yield response functions relating relative yield decrease and evapotranspiratio ...

SUBJECT: oignon; rendement des cultures; bean sprouts; cotton; evapotranspiration

POSTED TO: no.33 [0254-5284]

SUBJECT: riego; tenure; indonesia; malaysia; africa