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Thai National AGRIS Centre was established in March 13, 1980 by General National FAO Committee, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives cooperated with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Collects information related to agricultural sciences and technologies produced/printed in Thailand including those of agricultural information about Thailand produced/printed in abroad Technical management of agricultural information system: indexing, cataloging, creating Thai Agricultural Database Care and preservation of valuable agric [...]

Ultrastructure of seed coat, esterase isozyme patterns and chromosome numbers in 30 cultivars of genus Brassica and Raphanus were studied. The identification of genus, species, varieties and cultivars showed that at the genus and species levels, any method could be applied. The identification of variety levels could not be based on chromosome numbers. In Brassica campestris L., 6 varieties nam ...

SUBJECT: brassica campestris; chimiotaxonomie; variedades; taxonomie; cytologie

SUBJECT: stockage; production vegetale; agricultores; almacenamiento; production costs/ income

POSTED TO: Journal of Agricultural Economics (Thailand)

A green house study was conducted to observe the effect of applying S, Zn, Mn, and Mo either singly or in combination on the growth and yield, and their concentration in rice plant on a sandy loam soil (Eutric Fluvisol) of the Institute of Nuclear Agricultural Farm, Mymensingh. Application of S, Zn and Mn either singly or in combination exerted favourable influence on the growth and yield of r ...

SUBJECT: arroz; contenido de nutrientes/ crecimiento; analisis de tejidos; molibdeno; sol sableux

POSTED TO: Thai Journal of Agriculatural Science (Thailand) [0049-3589]

SUBJECT: arroz; riz; chilo; pests; espece

SUBJECT: produit; tailandia; recursos forestales; ressource forestiere; utilizacion de la tierra/ cultivos

SUBJECT: manihot esculenta; expenditure; traitement; fermentacion; procesamiento

POSTED TO: Warasan Wichai lae Phatthana Socho-Tho [0125-278X]

SUBJECT: exportation; exports; tailandia/ plantas de condimento; exportaciones; variete

POSTED TO: Sarup Khao Thurakit (Thailand) [0125-3409]

SUBJECT: rain; epoca; teneur en eau; contenido de humedad; emergence

SUBJECT: medio de cultivo; crecimiento; tissue culture; soja; croissance

SUBJECT: plante de culture/ produit; poblacion humana; utilizacion de la tierra; tailandia; human population