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L'INRGREF s'occupe des recherches relatives au Génie Rural, Eaux et Forêts: Les thèmes de recherche concernent notamment la maîtrise, l'économie et la valorisation de l'utilisation de l'eau pour l'irrigation des cultures, les problèmes de la salinité des sols, les eaux usées, le machinisme agricole, la CES, le reboisement, l'amélioration de la production ligneuse et pastorale, la conservation des ressources naturelles, l'exploitation et l'aménagement des forêts et des parcours et les énergies nouvelles et renouvelables.  

Poor rains during the sensitive stages of wheat to water deficit and high variability in a Mediterranean climate, exacerbated by climate changes lead to a negative impact on the yield of this strategic crop in the countries of North Africa. Can the use of windbreaks improve the wheat yield in sub-humid and irrigated area? To answer this question, measurements of growth, water potential (w), s ...

POSTED TO: Les Annales de l'INRGREF [1737-0515]

In order to study the genetic variability of twenty six accessions of Swiss chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill) cultivars, molecular marker based on Inter Simple Sequence Repeats (ISSR) has been used in this study. This method based on DNA’s fingerprinting by amplification of DNA’s through PCR. This technique gave genotype-specific patterns for all the genotypes and clustered accessions on seven c ...

SUBJECT: كستناء مزروع; 欧洲栗; polimorfismo; polymorphism; 多态性

POSTED TO: Les Annales de l'INRGREF [1737-0515]

At the centre of Tunisia, the culture of apricot trees is confronted to problem of irrigation management witch constituted a limiting factor for development of ‘Amor El Euch’ variety. The aim of this study was to evaluate the activity of source-sink mechanism of apricot trees (Prunus armeniaca L. cv. Amor El Euch) under water restriction. The experiment was performed during three growing seaso ...

SUBJECT: plums; ciruela; necesidades de agua; water requirements; prune

POSTED TO: Les Annales de l'INRGREF [1737-0515]

The response to salinity of numerous crops was studied in Tunisia. However, it was restricted to using furrow irrigation. Thus, the effect of saline water on growth, yield and salinization of soil, for tomato, under sprinkle irrigation has been studied. The essay was carried out in 2001 in the low valley of Mejerda. It concerned a field crop tomato variety Rio Grande planted in a clay-loamy so ...

SUBJECT: tomate; طماطم; 产量; crecimiento; croissance

POSTED TO: Les Annales de l'INRGREF [1737-0515]

With the beginning of the years 1960, a long-term experimental design was established in Tunisian half-dry area to compare 40 local and introduced origins of Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.). After 36 years of growth, measurements relating to the growth in height, diameter, the general shape of the trees and the density of wood measured on and under bark were taken. For better controlling ...

SUBJECT: منشأ; 地中海松; procedencia; provenance; pinus halepensis

POSTED TO: Les Annales de l'INRGREF [1737-0515]

Ensure the survival of urban trees, which is dependent on its rhythmic operation, is the priority of urban trees managers. Early reference marks of vitalities’ prediction will make it possible to avoid the unaesthetic effects. The aim of this work is the search for these indicators in morphometric markers of the rhythmic development of the Citrus aurantium L. in three urban environments locate ...

SUBJECT: composante de rendement; 酸橙(植物); diagnosis; تشخيص; 产量构成因素

POSTED TO: Les Annales de l'INRGREF [1737-0515]

The second rate production of the semi forest trees originating from temperate climate and cultivated in the South Mediterranean area out-comes various behavior anomalies. The asynchronism of some growth rhythm processes has been frequently observed. This irregular behavior is assigned extensively enough to growth accidents in the sequence of the inter-annual cycles. The spring growth of five ...

POSTED TO: Les Annales de l'INRGREF [1737-0515]

Spontaneous populations of Lavandula multifida L. in Tunisia, grow in the bioclimatic zones extending from the upper semi-arid to the lower arid. The destruction of sites, under anthropic pressures, associated to variation of the environmental factors had led to a decreasing in the number and the size of populations. 17 populations, from different bioclimates were assessed by seven isozymic ma ...

POSTED TO: Les Annales de l'INRGREF [1737-0515]

Tunisia presents a very large specter of bioclimatic zones, from the humid Mediterranean climate to the desert climate of the Sahara. A varied geography permits besides a lot of micro-ecosystems that gives to the country an enormous potential in biologic diversity. Protected areas in Tunisia include 8 national parks, 16 natural reserves, 4 wildlife reserves and 20 wetlands of international imp ...

POSTED TO: Les Annales de l'INRGREF [1737-0515]

The desertification has developed considerably in Tunisia présaharienne by the combination of many several phenomen of degradation. The increase of population, the sedentarisation and the privatization of the lands caused a important reduction of vegetable cover and its specific increase. Acacia forest can be restored when protected from anthropic practices. In fact, after creation date of th ...

POSTED TO: Les Annales de l'INRGREF [1737-0515]