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The Training and Publication Department, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, carries out works related to farmer training, extention activities, print and visual publishing on behalf of the Ministry.

This study was to the end that performed determination of composition and practicability of brine where naturally growing in Oltu region. First of all, composition of fresh caper buds (Capparis ovata var. herbecea) which 6 different dimension gathered in Oltu where northeast region of Erzurum was determined. Later, samples were stored 25 and 30 day in the 5%, 8% and 10% NaCl brines and then de ...

SUBJECT: ash content; traitement; ascorbic acid; contenido de ceniza; bourgeon

Effect of processing parameters on galacturonic acid content of apple juice

Arpaç, Ş., Pamukkale Univ., Faculty of Engineering [2006]

The importance of galacturonic acid (basic structure of pectin) in apple juice industry is increasing in recent years. Low galactruonic acid content of apple juice is an indicator for high quality. Therefore, galacturonic acid content of apple juice less than 1000 mg/ L is demanded by the customers of apple juice concentrate.

SUBJECT: traitement; jugo de frutas; procesamiento; production; jus de fruits

In this study, activated carbons were produced from walnut, pistachio and hazelnut shells by chemical activation using H3PO4, in air atmosphere in a muffle furnace, at different activation conditions and temperatures and the adsorption properties and performance in bleaching crude soybean oil of activated carbons were investigated.

SUBJECT: traitement; phenols; blanqueadura; procesamiento; color

In this study, addition of 3-methyl butanol in spontan and sterile Emir grape musts on the synthesis of isoamyl acetate by commercial strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae was studied. For this reason, 100, 200, 300 and 400 mg/L concentrations of 3-methyl butanol were added into Emir grape musts at the beginning of alcoholic fermentation. No 3-methyl butanol added sample was used as a control.

SUBJECT: teneur en matia¨re sa¨che; production; hidrocarburos; saccharomyces cerevisiae; vinos

Fruits and vegetables provide a complex mixture of nutrients and nonnutrients. Consumption of fruits and vegetables with the high phenolic content is associated with a decreased of cancer and other chronic diseases. Phenolic compounds may produce their beneficial effect by scavenging free radicals. In the past few years there has been an increasing interest in determining relevant dieatry sour ...

SUBJECT: traitement; antocianinas; procesamiento; antioxidants; phenolic compounds

Inhibitory effects of plant derived antimicrobials on some food-borne pathogenic bacteria

Şahin, E., İstanbul Technical Univ., Faculty of Engineering [2006]

Increasing demand of food which is natural and free from additives, resulted in growing interest in the use of new production techniques and natural antimicrobials. In this research, potential of essential oils of cumin and parsley, oleoresins of paprika, ginger, cumin and parsley, also grapefruit sees extract in controlling microbial growth is investigated on some food borne pathogenic bacter ...

SUBJECT: cumin; extrait; antimicrobials; antioxydant; acide sorbique

Investigation of ochratoxin a and citrinin production of Penicillium verrucosum on black and green olives

Zorlutuna, D., İstanbul Technical Univ., Faculty of Engineering [2006]

Olive is an important agricultural product for the nutritional benefits and national economy. 70% of olive production of Turkey is used for olive oil production and the remaining part is processed as black and green table olives. Table olive production of Turkey is mainly black table olives. The important olive producer countries are Spain, Turkey, Greece and Italy.

SUBJECT: ochratoxine; inoculacia³n; citrinin; mycotoxins; analyse de variance

Determination of orijin in honey

Sunay, A.E., İstanbul Technical Univ., Faculty of Engineering [2006]

There are mainly two types of honey produced each year in our country;flower honey and pine honey.Most of the flower honey is multi-floral which means that there are many different types of pollens in honey none of which is dominant.

SUBJECT: hmf; contenido de humedad; chemicophysical properties; carbohydrate content; teneur en a©la©ments mina©raux

This research was planned to investigate quality and chemical characteristics of some mostly consumed varieties of jams such as strawberry, apricot, sour cherry and rose jams and to determine the suitability to the Turkish Food Codex and attack attension of producer firms to Turkish Food Codex jam, jelly and sugared chestnut puree which is issued on 16 feb 2002.

SUBJECT: ash content; hmf; contenido de ceniza; teneur en matia¨re sa¨che; chemicophysical properties

Exposure of vegetables and fruits to fungal contaminations before and after harvesting, and during storing and processing is one of the biggest problems faced by the food industry and the consumers.

SUBJECT: cinnamon; nisin; semilla; mycotoxins; antimicrobien