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Bati Akdeniz Agricultural Research Institute is based on the history of the Republic's first anniversary. The Institute of different research organizations (Citrus Research Institute, Horticultural Research Institute, Biological Control Research Institute, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Regional Cotton Research Institute) took its present day state of the combination at different times.


Fatma AKINCI YILDIRIM et al. [2004-06-01]

In this review, emphasized the effect of thinning on fruit quality, a literature review is presented on recent acknowledges about development of chemical thinning of apple. Different chemicals such as; dinitro compounds, NAA (Napthalen Acetic Acid), NAAm (Napthalen Acid Amid), carbaryl, etephon, gibberillik acid (GA3), thiourea, oxamyl and BA (6-Benzyladenine) are used for thinning. However, ...

SUBJECT: apple (malus communis l.); kimyasal seyreltme

POSTED TO: Derim [2149-2182]

Early ripening table grape varieties ‘Trakya İlkeren’, ‘Yalova İncisi’ and ‘Uslu’ has been used as experimental material. For earlier ripening Dormex (effective compounds of hydrogen cyanamide) has been applied as two different doses 2%, 4% and at three different application time, mid December, end of the December and mid January. Hydrogen Cyanamide (H2CN2) application was found to effective ...

SUBJECT: erkencilik; göz uyanması; asma; hidrojen siyanamid

POSTED TO: Derim [2149-2182]

Several approaches for detection and diagnosis of plant viruses can be used. Despite to their usefulness, some of them have been time consuming and particularly serological tests have been depend upon providing antisera. In recent years obtaining easy, fast and accurate results in detection and determination of viruses has been possible by the development and improvements of molecular techniq ...

SUBJECT: dsrna; agarose jel

POSTED TO: Derim [2149-2182]

Organic fertilisers not only supply nutrients to the plant but also create a good root media for plants by improving the soil physical structure. Poultry manure (PM) is one of the most important fertiliser source for organic fertilisation. This study was carried out to determine the best rate of PM for tomatoes. In the study 6 rates of PM (0-200-400-600-800-100 kg/da) and inorganic fertiliser ...

SUBJECT: kalite; i̇norganik gübre; klorofil; domates; verim

POSTED TO: Derim [2149-2182]

Greenhouse enterprises intend to deliver the markets at profitable and quality products in unsuitable weather conditions and to gain high profit. Therefore, the physical structures of greenhouse enterprises should be planned to implement to this purpose. Planning and development of greenhouse enterprises is made according to a specific system approach because the investment costs are the most ...

SUBJECT: sera; planlama; sistem yaklaşımı

POSTED TO: Derim [2149-2182]

Systems and softwares are available to monitor natural and cultural changes in the modern world. These highly complicated systems send huge amount of data to earth to be processed. These data are organized and processed by a system called GIS. GIS is a system that helps determine the best strategies and resource management for natural and cultural land resources. Remote sensing, however, is a ...

SUBJECT: coğrafi bilgi sistemleri; veri tabanı; veri işleme; uzaktan algılama

POSTED TO: Derim [2149-2182]

Fresh runners rooted in pots are rapidly replacing fresh and frigo plants for strawberry productionworldwide. Fresh runners rooted in pots have many advantages over conventional propagation methods.They are grown in controlled environments (greenhouses) with media (peat, perlitte, sand or mixed media)under mist in less time than field produced fresh plant and are not exposed to soilborne path ...

SUBJECT: erkencilik; tüplü taze fide; çilek; frigo fide; yetiştiricilik

POSTED TO: Derim [2149-2182]

Methyl bromide applications are commonly used in Turkey production areas of vegetable, cut flower, tobacco for protection of crops to pests and diseases. MeBr is applied to the soil regardless of its necessity without considering target pest population and disease during the pre-planting stage. These applications are both increased of inputs and also led to occur of negative effect to the env ...

SUBJECT: metil bromid; patojen; alternatif

POSTED TO: Derim [2149-2182]

Although, papaya (Carica papaya L.) is a tropical plant, it can be grown under favorable microclimatic conditions in subtropics. Papaya is a popular species due to its ease of cultivation and propagation, fast growth and economic returns in short periods, and ability to adapt to different soil and climatic conditions. Papaya fruit is a good source of vitamin A, B and C, and also is very impor ...

SUBJECT: ekoloji; carica papaya l.; çeşit; yetiştiricilik

POSTED TO: Derim [2149-2182]

This study was conducted to determine the effect of some methods on cold storage of Valencia oranges. In the study oranges from cultivar 'Valencia'grafted on sour orange were used. Treatments were Control, Control+waxing, Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and MAP+waxing. After theseapplications oranges were stored at 6ºC and 85-90% relative humidity (RH) for 4 months. Percent weight loss (% ...

SUBJECT: muhafaza; modifiye atmosfer paketkleme; mumlama; portakal; valencia

POSTED TO: Derim [2149-2182]