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University of the West Indies (Regional centre for Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Montserrat, Netherlands Antilles, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago)

The first experiment looks at the performance of 27 buffalypso animals fed on a sugarcane-molasses based diet, over 5 feeding periods averaging 84 days. It was found that the initial and final liveweights were 300.8 and 372.3 kg respectively. The average daily gain (ADG) was 0.82 kg per day with a range of 0.56 to 1.02 kg per day. The average total dry matter intake (DMI) was 7.15 kg per day w ...

SUBJECT: sous produit de sucrerie; ganado de carne; subproductos del azucar; canne a sucre; cana de azucar

POSTED TO: Annual Seminar on Agricultural Research (Trinidad and Tobago)

Evaluation studies were conducted on imported cultivars of which many had consistently produced 2 marketable ears per plant. Breeding work has resulted in the development of the new synthetic cultivar known as UW7, that gives yields of over 35,000 marketable ears per hectare. Experiments have shown that a plant density of 40000-50000 plants per hectare could result in optimum yields. Fertilize ...

SUBJECT: variete; trinite et tobago/ herbicide; population vegetale; desherbage; ensayo

POSTED TO: Annual Seminar on Agricultural Research (Trinidad and Tobago)

The experiment was a split plot randomized block design with species as main plots and cutting intervals (6 and 8 weeks) as the split plots. There were 3 replications. Samples were taken for dry matter determination and chemical analysis. It was found that the mean dry matter yield per harvest for all treatments was higher for the 8 week regrowth, while the mean crude protein content of all th ...

SUBJECT: teneur en matiere seche; contenido de materia seca; caracteristicas agronomicas; contenido proteico/ rendimiento de cultivos; pennisetum typhoides

POSTED TO: Annual Seminar on Agricultural Research (Trinidad and Tobago)

22 rice lines were field screened at El Carmen, Centeno on Cunapia Series over an 8 year period. Preliminary and second stage screening involved the establishment of small plots with standard soil and crop management practices. The third stage screening involved the use of larger plots which simulated commercial production. 11 of the 22 lines were also screened at Fishing Pond on a Navet Clay ...

SUBJECT: cultivo de temporal; arroz acuatico; variete; sol argileux; seleccion

POSTED TO: Annual Seminar on Agricultural Research (Trinidad and Tobago)

Expresses the view that for experimental biologists wanting to get in touch with new research material, the flora and fauna of any tropical country is a good field, and that the University of the West Indies and its St. Augustine campus in Trinidad could house an Institute of Tropical Agrobiology functioning on a 'service basis', offering facilities and attracting students and researchers from ...

SUBJECT: servicios; institution de recherche; instituciones de investigacion; service; biologie/ education

POSTED TO: The University of the West Indies. Dept. of Agricultural Extension

A cultivar of tomato (Pusa Ruby) was given seed pretreatment and foliar spray (under field conditions) of 2 hormones, indole acetic acid (IAA) and gibberellic acid (GA3). The study was done to evaluate the effect of the 2 hormones on tomato biomass production and to ascertain whether the effect is influenced by plant age. GA3 treatment enhanced the percentage germination and root and shoot gro ...

SUBJECT: tomate; acido indolacetico; application foliaire; inhibiteur de la germination/ variete; biomasse

POSTED TO: Tropical Agriculture (Trinidad and Tobago) [0041-3216]

At 4 week intervals selected groups of Gliricidia sepium trees were cut to 1 m in height to give 4 growing season cutting treatments and an uncut control. This trial was carried out from February to September. At each harvest, the height of the individual tree was recorded and the number of primary branches arising from the base was counted. It appeared that previous cutting history had no eff ...

SUBJECT: gliricidia sepium; epoca/ zona tropical; date/ zone tropicale; productivite; temperature

POSTED TO: Tropical Agriculture (Trinidad and Tobago) [0041-3216]

The Farmers' Training Centre in Centeno has been in existence since December 1979. Initially the role of the centre was to upgrade the knowledge and skills of farmers. Courses were residential, with meals and accommodation provided free of charge. Over the years a number of changes regarding the role and function of the centre were made. The major one was the shift in the focus from the practi ...

SUBJECT: agricultores; cours professionnel; trinite et tobago; formation professionnelle; agriculteur

Detailed field examination of the soil was carried out and observations made with respect to crops grown, agronomic practices, level of farming, slope categories and evidence of soil erosion. In most cases, soil on the farm was the same as indicated on the soil map. Soils identified were classified up to series level based on soil taxonomy. Soil samples (0-15 cm depth) were taken and analyzed ...

SUBJECT: analisis del suelo/ explotaciones agrarias; classification des sols; cartographie; fertilite du sol; cartografia

POSTED TO: CARDI's Consultant Report (Trinidad and Tobago)

Citrus can be grown successfully under a wide range of soil conditions but for difficult soils, special circumstances of climate and/or management are required for successful cultivation. Non cultivation technique has replaced traditional tillage operations. Tillage is now carried out in newly planted orchards to reduce weed populations and, in cases where irrigation is needed, a drag is used ...

SUBJECT: escarda; fumigation; travail du sol; permeabilite; frutas citricas

POSTED TO: Journal of the Agricultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago) [0368-1327]