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  • United Republic of Tanzania (Agricultural Library, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives)

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Library of the ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

SUBJECT: tanzania; rain fed farming; cultivo de temporal; utilizacion de la tierra; surveys

SUBJECT: tanzania; economia/ aclareo; economics/ thinning; cupressus; tanzanie

SUBJECT: tanzania; dry farming; research policies; politique de la recherche; investigacion operativa

SUBJECT: sorghum; crecimiento; croissance; tannin; taninos

SUBJECT: factores del rendimiento/ defoliacion; yield factors/ defoliation; ipomoea batatas; facteur de rendement/ defoliation

SUBJECT: tanzania; etiologia; maladie des plantes; aetiology; enfermedades de las plantas

SUBJECT: tenencia; agricultores; utilizacion de la tierra; terre; tierras

This technical report presents detailed results of the most important agronomy research which was carried out by the Clove Research Project during 7 years of work in Unguja (August 1982 to September 1989). There are two main objectives in producing this Report. Firstly, to present the results of research so that they can be used as a basis for making decisions on future extension or research p ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; eugenia caryophyllus; exportation; politique de la recherche; aplicacion de abonos