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National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" (NaUKMA) is a classic university that creates preserves and spreads knowledge in the natural, social, humanitarian and technical sciences.

Proposals are developed on improving a financial-credit mechanism of agro-industrial production under market conditions. Proposals are prepared on improving in the taxation system, system of payments relations, forming joint-stock relations and market of securities, as well as on improving in conditions of insurance protection of agricultural enterprises. The materials presented have been used ...

SUBJECT: politica fiscal; seguro agrario; financiamiento; fiscal policies; market economies

Tendencies towards absolute and relative reduction in the Ukraine's agricultural population are generalized. Quality of a rural labour potential is defined. Recommendations on rational use of labour resources and a concept of their recreation are given, as well as methods of forecasting needs for training qualified working force, proposals on improving an educational istitutions network and th ...

SUBJECT: affectation de ressources; labour market; trabajo; programme de formation; labour

Analysis has been carried out of levels, tendencies and structure of Ukraine's population incomes. Proposals on increasing standards of living of people and developing a social infrastructure are worked out. The following research methods were applied: budgetary investigations of families, statistical groups and calculative-constructive. The materials are intended for use by state managerial b ...

SUBJECT: income; complexe agroindustriel; complejos agroindustriales; social security; consommation

Theoretical and methodical approaches to implementation are developed of privatization of the property and land, creation of new market-oriented economic structures on the basis of shared property. Economical mechanism of management under conditions of a transition period intended for collective forms of management is offered. The materials can be used at reforming collective farms, state farm ...

SUBJECT: agrarian reform; propiedad privada; collective ownership; bail; land ownership

Special characteristics of functions and organizational structures of the state management system are revealed for substantiating recommendations on bringing them into correspondence with requirements of market economy. The following research methods were applied: abstract-logic, calculative-constructive and monographical. The materials are used when developing a law in the Ministry of Agricul ...

SUBJECT: estructura agricola; industrie alimentaire; industria alimentaria; agricultural structure; structure agricole

Assessment of effect of different types of degradation processes on species richness, floristic composition and diversity of ecosystems of subalpine and forest zones was conducted. It was established that altitude gradient as well as types of degradation processes have strong impact on these characteristics. The results confirmed disturbances hypothesis concerning biodiversity changes in ecosy ...

SUBJECT: floristic composition; species richness; diversity; habitat degradation; mountain ecosystems

POSTED TO: NaUKMA Research Papers. Biology and Ecology


Responses of soil respiration to altered precipitation are analyzed for 4 types of experiment and the control plots at the experimental site of Karadag Nature Reserve. The diurnal dynamics of the soil respiration on the control plots in June 2012 is characterized; the monthly dynamics of the soil respiration for March 2012 – July 2013 is shown; the linear multifactor regression analysis is don ...

SUBJECT: carbon cycling; grasslands; soil respiration; altered precipitation

POSTED TO: NaUKMA Research Papers. Biology and Ecology


The article presents the results of testing of the improved methodology of assessing losses caused by the damages of natural biotopes and their components. The basic parameters of the proposed methodology are biomass and productivity of ecosystem components, expressed in energy terms, taking into account the recovery time of ecosystems. These parameters balance the assessment of loss of stable ...

SUBJECT: ecological assessment methodology; natural biotopes; ecosystem productivity

POSTED TO: NaUKMA Research Papers. Biology and Ecology


Biotops of central Podillya

Ya. Didukh et al. [2013]

Biotops of Central Podillia and their differentiation measures were firstly identified and characterized in the article. On the basis of synfytoindication methods limiting ranges of leading ecological factors and their correlation were determined. These results are very important for the nature conservation.

SUBJECT: central podillya; biotops; ecological factors; indirect ordination

POSTED TO: NaUKMA Research Papers. Biology and Ecology


The frequencies of unbalanced gametes were analyzed by fluorescence in situ hybridization on decondensed interphase sperm nuclei of reciprocal and Robertsonian translocation carriers with the combination of probes that allowed identification of all variants of chromosome segregation. A homogenous segregation pattern with the predominance of normal/balanced sperm formation was observed in Rober ...

SUBJECT: robertsonian translocations; unbalanced gametes; reciprocal translocation; chromosome segregation

POSTED TO: NaUKMA Research Papers. Biology and Ecology