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The National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) is the apex body for guidance and coordination of all agricultural research activities in the national agricult ural research system in Uganda. NARO is a Public Institution established by an act of Parliament, which was enacted on 21st November 2005 . NARO is a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal.NARO comprises of the council as its governing body, committees of the council as its specialised organs, a secretariat for its day-to-day operations with the semi autonomous [...]

Brief description of a dangerous aquatic weed, the water hyacinth, Eichhornia crassipes which has invaded most of the fresh water lakes and rivers in Uganda. Warns on the economic implications that this weed can have on the country's resources and advises on methods of controlling and eradicating it

SUBJECT: distribution naturelle; botanique; desherbage mecanique; escarda mecanica; mauvaise herbe aquatique

Unfamiliar virus-like symptoms were noted on cassava at several localities in Kumi district (Uganda) in April 1991. These symptoms were similar to those seen in July 1990 in a Savannah area of Central Cameroon from which Prof Harrison isolated cassava virus Q. The disease which spreads through cuttings, is being subjected to further investigations.

SUBJECT: manihot esculenta; esquejes; ouganda/ production vegetale; uganda/ produccion vegetal; virose

The Karamoja Database (Uganda)

Bemigisha, J.R. [aug1991]

Outlines a project that aims at collecting data and information on Karamoja, an under-developed region of Uganda covering Kotido and Moroto districts. The information will be used to plan development projects for these areas. The study covers physical as well as social economic aspects such as geology and soils, climate, water resources, vegetation, wildlife, agriculture, energy, livestock, fi ...

SUBJECT: enquete; recoleccion de datos; amenagement rural; planificacion rural; collecte de donnees

Direct field planting involves using only mature cuttings. Land is prepared by clearing the bush, deep ploughing, discing and fertilizer application. Weeding is done by a tractor, thrice, followed by hand weeding. Gap filling is done at second weeding. Harvesting commences 7-10 months after planting. Fertilizers are applied in the early stages of the ratoon crop. Skilled labour is essential.

SUBJECT: manihot esculenta; ouganda/ maturite; desherbage mecanique; multiplication par rejet de souche; escarda mecanica

Root and tuber crops are an integral component of the traditional food system in Uganda. These crops are widely grown by small-scale farmers primarily for home consumption with limited market contact. Policy action is required in order to improve processing of these crops by traditional methods, promote low cost rural industrial units and improve the marketing system.

SUBJECT: manihot esculenta; contrainte; investigacion; seguridad alimentaria; tubercule

POSTED TO: Economic Research Series (Uganda)

An outline of the activities of the newly established Environment Information Centre and its role in enhancing natural resources management in Uganda.

SUBJECT: toma de decisiones/ recursos agrarios; terre; teledeteccion; sistemas de informacion; tierras

Highlights the supportive role that an effective information system or information centre such as the National Agricultural Documentation and Information Centre plays in enhancing research activities by making available to research scientists, information from national and international sources. Information is useful in planning, carrying out research and transferring of research and new techn ...

SUBJECT: difusion de la informacion; servicios de informacion; diffusion de l'information; developpement agricole; documentation

Outlines an on-going biomass study discusses the objectives of the study, the methodology, expected results and how these data can be combined in a geo-information system for Uganda.

SUBJECT: utilizacion de la tierra; bois de chauffage; vegetation; utilisation des terres; classification des terres

The National Census of Agriculture and Livestock was undertaken as a joint effort between the government of Uganda, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as the funding agency and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as the executing agency. This report outlines the methodology adopted with regard to sample design, enumeration plan, data processing and analysis.

SUBJECT: explotacion en pequena escala; pronostico del rendimiento; demanda de trabajo; collecte de donnees; analisis de datos

Report on the extension, training activities and financial accounts of the Farming Systems Support Programme covering the period between December to February 1992

SUBJECT: explotacion agricola combinada; agricultura de subsistencia; pruebas; extension; polyculture elevage