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  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Information/Communication Unit, Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Labour)

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The Ministry is the institutional body of the state responsible for the formulation, articulation and implementation of all policies and plans relating to Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry & Labour. The administrative arm of this Ministry is responsible for: - The co-ordination of all programmes of the various Departments, Divisions and Units. - The maintenance of communication with local, regional and international bodies affecting the functions of the Ministry. - The administration of revenue and expend [...]

The high prevalence of anaemia in children (69 and 28 %) in Middle Caicos and Grand Turk initiated this study. A food frequency questionnaire to score iron consumption was administered to 144 households at random. Low, medium and high iron intake categories were based on iron scores of 7.5, 7.6 to 12.9 and 13 mg Fe/day. In Grand Turk and Providentiales 1 % of families were in the low group, an ...

SUBJECT: fer; anemie; hierro; ingestion de alimentos; islas turcas y caicos

POSTED TO: West Indian Medical Journal (Jamaica) [0043-3144]

7 varieties were evaluated for yield and resistance to sweet potato weevil, Euscepus postfasciatus. The 'Red devil' had the highest yield, 10,745 pounds per acre, but also had the highest damage rate, 38 %. TIS2534 had the lowest damage, 12 % and the two exotic cultivars TIS2534 and TIS2532 had higher numbers of tubers but they were small. Again using the randomized block design 3 varieties we ...

SUBJECT: ensayos de variedades; essai de variete; san vicente y las granadinas; ipomoea batatas; saint vincent et grenadines