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Informatic Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

SUBJECT: buffle d'eau; water buffaloes; therapy; therapeutique; trypanosomiasis

SUBJECT: vaccines; vietnam; maladie de newcastle; pollo; chickens

SUBJECT: enfermedades parasitarias; control de plagas; vietnam; cattle; parasitoses

SUBJECT: produit de croisement; crossbreds; cruzamiento; produccion de carne; croisement

SUBJECT: ovulo; latencia; vietnam; dormance; eclosion

POSTED TO: Khoa Hoc va Ky Thuat Nong Nghiep (Viet Nam)

SUBJECT: produit de croisement; ganado de leche; crossbreds; cruzamiento; rendimiento lechero

SUBJECT: caracteristicas agronomicas; fertilization; fecondation; soja; caractere agronomique

SUBJECT: produit de croisement; crossbreds; cruzamiento; varieties; crossbreeding

SUBJECT: cruzamiento; crossbreeding; zebu; gros betail; viet nam

SUBJECT: traitement; cultivo; procesamiento; processing; pratique culturale