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The Pollination Information Management System, (PIMS) is being developed through a collaboration between FAO and a number of national level organizations concerned with the conservation and sustainable use of pollination services for sustainable agriculture. The PIMS serves to organize and deliver accurate information on managing pollination services of key crops, globally, to farmers, farm advisors and land managers.

SUBJECT: pulse domestication; cicer arietinum; chickpea

POSTED TO: Quart.Rev.Biol.

SUBJECT: floral resources; mustard; osmia cornifrons; brassica nigra; sinapis alba l.subsp.alba

POSTED TO: J.Kansas Entomol.Soc.

SUBJECT: pollinating efficacy; osmia cornifrons; brassica nigra; brassicaceae; osmia lignaria subsp.lignaria

POSTED TO: J.Kans.Entomol.Soc.

SUBJECT: yam; pollination; artificial pollination; dioscorea alata l.; floral biology

POSTED TO: Euphytica

SUBJECT: rape; pollination; brazil; brassica napus l.var.napus; insect pollination

POSTED TO: Apidologie

SUBJECT: competition; diversity; clonality; pollination service; fruit set

POSTED TO: Biological Conservation

SUBJECT: disturbance; habitat; landscape physiognomy; forest fragment; pollinators

POSTED TO: Ecological Applications

SUBJECT: yam; pollination; dioscorea alata l.; floral biology

POSTED TO: Euphytica

SUBJECT: diversity; farmland; pollinator diversity; reproductive success

POSTED TO: J.Appl.Ecol.


Allan,R.E. [1980]

SUBJECT: pollination; triticum aestivum l.; wheat