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The International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information is an International organization, set up on February 27th, 1969 under the provisions of an Intergovernmental Agreement on the Establishment of the International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information. As of 2016 ICSTI comprises 22 member states.

The title method includes: 1. Agrochemical field mapping and development of an agrochemical certificate on humus content, nitrification ability, labile phosphorus and exchange potassium and other elements contents; 2. Winter wheat crops condition estimation after wintering with determination of bushing factor, density of standing and moisture and mineral nitrogen content within 1-m layer; 3. ...

SUBJECT: grain crops

The new process ensures the complete mineralization of benzothiazol pollutants by microbiological treatment using solid supports bacteria in original solid support.

SUBJECT: wastewaters, their treatment and application

The Microcom product is a mixture of 5-6 micro fertilizers (in relation to the crop) designed for foliar extra nutrition of plants to optimize the mineral nutrition at the stages of plant intensive growth and development.

SUBJECT: fertilizers and their application

It is proposed the integrated ecological protection system of the grape vine based on the application of biological means (entomophaga, active biological substances pheromones, hormones, chitin synthesis inhibitors, growth and resistance plant stimulators, vegetal extractions, microbiological products) and chemical means of natural origin permitted by the Standard of ecological agriculture.

SUBJECT: agricultural biology

The present analytical review devoted to new ideas in ecological paradigm touches a number of disciplines: physics, biology, synergetics, and philosophy. Ecological paradigm as a specific world outlook taking into account the organic unity of objects and their surroundings, is actively forming in various branches of modern science. It is demonstrated, for instance, that in physics the ecologic ...

SUBJECT: ecology. general problems

Possibility is considered to use chain radical reactions for organic admixtures oxidation within great volumes of water. Ozone-hydroxyl mixture generator is offered for this purpose. A procedure is considered that ensures considerable improvement of the quality of water in a large reservoir with rather low power expenditures (the plant power is 100 to 150 W).

SUBJECT: surface water quality

The research is devoted to the analysis of the hydrogen market in Russia. Methods for hydrogen production, equipment for its production, developers and suppliers of equipment (Russian and foreign) are considered. Product quality indicators are presented. The characteristic of hydrogen-producing enterprises is given to estimate its delivery volume to the domestic market. Volumes and structure o ...

SUBJECT: methane, hydrogen and other gases as raw materials

Scientific analysis is carried out and recommendations are developed on irrigated to dry agricultural lands rational ratios in agrarian landscapes, including the criteria of irrigated and dry lands optimization; types of degradation processes and their distribution in different types of agrarian landscapes, and agricultural plants adaptability.

SUBJECT: agriculture / agricultural systems and crop rotation

The ecological aspects of dioxin pollution of biosphere were considered: sources and scales of dioxin emissions, toxicological peculiarities and mechanism of influence on human. It was established that identification of dioxins could be realized by the correlate equations between the gas chromatographic indices and the structural parameters of dioxins: Van - der - Waals volume and connectivity ...

SUBJECT: agents and materials, polluting environment

In a review the aspects of study problems, touching influence of contamination by heavy metals on the soil-plant system, including the study of tolerance, phenomena of antagonism, synergism and fytoremediation are represented.

SUBJECT: physico-chemical properties of agents, contaminating soils