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Agricultural Information Centre of the National Department of Agriculture

SUBJECT: aguacate; avocat; sudáfrica; inhibition; south africa

POSTED TO: South African Avocado Growers' Association Yearbook 2003 (South Africa)

SUBJECT: genes; taux de croissance; sudáfrica; rendement des cultures; south africa

POSTED TO: Wheat Focus (South Africa)

SUBJECT: infraestructura; zonas rurales; sudáfrica; exploitation agricole; south africa

POSTED TO: Agrekon (South Africa) [0303-1853]

SUBJECT: pinus kesiya; pinus patula; germplasm; pinus caribaea; pinus maximinoi

POSTED TO: Southern African Forestry Journal (South Africa) [0038-2167]

SUBJECT: liliaceae; taxonomía; afrique du sud; distribution géographique; distribución geográfica

POSTED TO: Bothalia (South Africa) [0006-8241]

Understanding forage quality

Coetzee, T. [dec2003]

SUBJECT: ganado de leche; forage; south africa; appétabilité; clima

POSTED TO: Forum (South Africa)

SUBJECT: cuivre; feuille; south africa; soil; manganese

POSTED TO: SA Fruit Journal (South Africa) [1683-4577]

SUBJECT: sexual maturity; sudáfrica; south africa; luz del día; maturité sexuelle

POSTED TO: Poultry Bulletin (South Africa) [0257-201X]

SUBJECT: models; facteur lié au site; forecasting; taux de croissance; características del sitio

POSTED TO: Southern African Forestry Journal (South Africa) [0038-2167]

SUBJECT: pourriture; podredumbres; diplodia; gibberella fujikuroi; control de enfermedades

POSTED TO: OTKaner (South Africa)