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To contribute to the improvement of the welfare of the Zambian people through the provision of technologies & services that enhances household, food, security and equitable income generating opportunities for the farming community and agricultural enterprise.

SUBJECT: income; zambie; sorghum; subsistence farming/ labour; revenu

SUBJECT: zambia/ pruebas; leguminosas de grano; cicer arietinum; vigna subterranea; cajanus cajan

SUBJECT: zambie; rural sociology; systeme d'exploitation agricole; sociologia rural; zambia

SUBJECT: manihot esculenta; zambie; rendement des cultures; zambia; rendimiento de cultivos

SUBJECT: irrigation systems; zambie; explotacion en pequena escala; petite exploitation; mode de culture

SUBJECT: zambia/ encuestas; soja; zambia/ surveys; zambie/ enquete; soybeans

SUBJECT: zambie; plant introduction; adoption de l'innovation; innovation adoption; vigna

POSTED TO: ARPT Technical Report, North Western Province (Zambia)