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Central Library of the Ministry of Agriculture of Zimbabwe

This article describes a method of irrigation scheduling with an evaporation pan. An example of an irrigation schedule for wheat is presented

SUBJECT: evapotranspiracion; calendrier des irrigations; evapotranspiration; zimbabwe/ triticum aestivum; evaporacion

POSTED TO: Zimbabwe Agricultural Journal (Zimbabwe) [0035-4686]

The article emphasizes the importance of efficient management in tobacco growing. A recent study has indicated that many farmers are unaware of their own managerial limitations. This study suggests also that the efficient farmer has a clearly defined behavioural pattern which can be described in tangible terms

SUBJECT: nicotiana tabacum; efficacite; agricultores; gestion de l'exploitation agricole; zimbabwe

POSTED TO: Zimbabwe Agricultural Journal (Zimbabwe)

The article seeks to identify a new possibility where rice can be grown by small scale farmers or on a cooperative basis. Rice in Zimbabwe has not been adopted as a major cash crop because the government argued it would compete with wheat for valuable land

SUBJECT: arroz; riz; zimbabwe; terre impropre a la culture; eriales

POSTED TO: Zimbabwe Agricultural Journal (Zimbabwe) [0035-4686]

"Sengwa" wheat

Mashiringwani, N.A. [1985]

The article briefly describes "Sengwa" wheat which is released by the authority of the department of Research and Specialist services. It is suitable for bread making

SUBJECT: triticum aestivum; panification; zimbabwe/ production vegetale; resistance aux maladies; panificacion

POSTED TO: Zimbabwe Agricultural Journal (Zimbabwe) [0035-4686]

The article defines irrigation. The only way of achieving successful irrigation is by adopting an integrated approach between hydraulic engineering and soil plant water relationships. The link between computations from both disciplines has shown that irrigation is an inter-disciplinary subject involving both engineers and agriculturalists. These two have to work hand in hand in designing irrig ...

SUBJECT: methode d'application; riego; ingenieria hidraulica; irrigation; metodos de aplicacion

POSTED TO: Zimbabwe Agricultural Journal (Zimbabwe) [0035-4686]

The Coffee Growers Association is continuously evaluating the new technology and adapting it to fit into an appropriate coffee management system, which involves co-operation between the Coffee Growers Association, Government departments, the Grain Marketing Board and commercial organizations

SUBJECT: technologie; tecnologia; zimbabwe; coffea; gestion

The report reviews and summarizes tillage research in Zimbabwe up to 1988. The information available forms the basis of recommendations on tillage practices and identifies future research needs

SUBJECT: pruebas; travail du sol; zimbabwe; labranza; essai

Zimbabwe crop price policy analysis

O'driscoll, A. et al. [1988]

This paper examines current price policy with respect to a number of major crops in the light, of governments objectives of achieving food self sufficiency and maximizing the agricultural sectors' contribution to foreign currency earnings and economic growth

SUBJECT: plante de culture; zimbabwe; cultivos; politique des prix; politica de precios

Irrigation water quality

Bennett, J.G. [1986]

This article describes the inter-relationships of soil and water which may affect the suitability assessment of a soil when irrigated with a certain water or of a water intended to irrigate a certain soil

SUBJECT: sol sodique; riego; irrigation; zimbabwe; calidad del agua

POSTED TO: Zimbabwe Agricultural Journal (Zimbabwe) [0035-4686]

There's been increasing importance of small holder farmers in the production and marketed surplus of maize the country's major food crop. The small holder contribution to marketed surplus grew from 8% in 1979 to 43% of total deliveries by 1986. This success can be attributed to the ending of independence war, increased producer prices and availability of suitable maize technology

SUBJECT: explotacion en pequena escala; petite exploitation; zimbabwe/ production vegetale; zea mays; zimbabwe/ produccion vegetal