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SUBJECT: forstgeschichte usa; usa; 946.2; umweltgeschichte usa; tagungsbericht

POSTED TO: Forstarchiv (Germany, F.R.) [0300-4112]

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Journal article


We measured antibodies to infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) in blood of nesting Common Eider (Somateria mollissima) females and immature Herring Gulls (Larus argentatus) in the Baltic Sea, and in blood of Spectacled Eider (Somateria fischeri) females nesting in a remote area of western Alaska, USA [date not given]. Positive (>=1:16) IBDV titres occurred in 75% of the eiders and 45% of the ...

SUBJECT: larus-argentatus; western-states-of-usa; epidemiology-; pacific-states-of-usa; oecd-countries


SUBJECT: western states (usa); usa; america; niche markets; pacific states (usa)

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Journal article

Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University

Reuse of domestic wastewater that does not contain heavy metals or pathogenic microorganisms, as irrigation water is a significant method in terms of water conservation all around the world. In this field trial which was conducted over two years, the domestic wastewater (DW) of Muğla City after being alkaline stabilized was used to irrigate maize plant for silage and the interaction of soil an ...

SUBJECT: aplicacia³n de abonos; wastewater treatment; traitement des eaux usa©es; agricultura; aguas residuales

POSTED TO: Anadolu Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Turkey) [1308-8769]

SUBJECT: planificacion; sucesion ecologica; paisaje; ecosysteme; impacto ambiental

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Journal article

Belarus Agricultural Library

Determination of the chemical composition of drainage and surface waters at specialized melioration systems with the use of sewage of pig-breeding complexes was realized in the conditions of the Republic of Belarus. The construction of gravitation-biological settling tank for purification of dirty waters and principle scheme of device for preparation of surface for sprinkling was described. As ...

SUBJECT: traitement; composiciaіn quimica; agua superficial; belarus; ba©larus

POSTED TO: Bulletin of the Belarussian State Agricultural Academy : the guidance journal [2076-5215]


SUBJECT: exportation; calcio; sulfate; mathematics; sulfatos

POSTED TO: Hydrological Processes (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: usa; pacific states (usa); bosque de coniferas; pacific northwest states of usa; productividad

POSTED TO: Soil Biology and Biochemistry (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: alteration atmospherique; hydrologie; estados del sur (eua); cuencas hidrograficas; usa (southern states of usa)

POSTED TO: Hydrological Processes (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: open spaces; ecologie; radiometry; aspectos fisiograficos; usa

POSTED TO: International Journal of Remote Sensing (United Kingdom)