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Colletotrichum lindemuthianum is one of the most important constraints to common bean production in Uganda. The fungus is highly variable that single gene resistance alone is not adequate to offer effective and durable resistance among varieties. Earlier varieties known to be resistant have now succumbed to the disease. Therefore there is need for pyramiding of resistance genes as a strategy t ...

SUBJECT: agronomic characters; caractère agronomique


SUBJECT: cluster analysis; physic nut; agronomic characters; jatropha curcas; biodiversity

POSTED TO: Warasan Witthayasat Kaset [0125-0369]

Sweet sorghum has been revealed that it had very high potential for using as an additional raw material for commercial ethanol production. Sequencial planting dates of sweet sorghum were carried out in Khon Kaen ie. 1) pilot farm of Khon Kaen Sugar Mill 2) farmers' field in Muang District, Khon Kaen and 3) Khon Kaen University Farm. The Objective was to find out suitable growing season for swe ...

SUBJECT: agronomic characters; varieties; stalk yield; sweet sorghum; yields

POSTED TO: Kaen Kaset [0125-0485]

In order to improvement varieties with suitable agronomy traits including early maturity, lodging resistance, tolerance to diseases and also high seed yield, 13 spring rapeseed genotypes including advanced lines and hybrids were planted in randomized complete block design with 3 replications at Biekola Station in september 2008. Each plot was included 4 rows with 5 meters along . In this study ...

SUBJECT: caracteristicas agronomicas; caractere agronomique; cultivos de primavera; adaptation; plant breeders

SUBJECT: peanut; agronomic characters; arachis hypogaea; dry matter; dry matter content

POSTED TO: Warasan Songkhla Nakharin (Sakha Witthayasat lae Technology) [0125-3395]

SUBJECT: agronomic characters; highlands; generation mean analysis; genes; environmental factors

POSTED TO: Chiang Mai University Journal of Natural Sciences (Thailand) [1685-1994]


SUBJECT: fruit color; agronomic characters; d x p progeny testing; elaeis guineensis; fruit

POSTED TO: Warasan Witthayasat Kaset [0125-0369]

SUBJECT: f2 hybrids; direct effect; correlation; agronomic characters; elaeis guineensis

POSTED TO: Warasan Witthayasat Kaset [0125-0369]

SUBJECT: cluster analysis; plant anatomy; agronomic characters; genetic variation; genetic diversity

POSTED TO: Warasan Witthayasat Kaset [0125-0369]

SUBJECT: correlation; agronomic characters; elaeis guineensis; yields; agronomic characters

POSTED TO: Warasan Kaset [0857-0841]