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I.V. Rodríguez Torres, H Morales, César Cardona Mejía, 'Líneas base, dosis diagnóstico y medición periódica de resistencia a insecticidas en poblaciones de adultos e inmaduros de Trialeurodes vaporariorum (homoptera: aleyrodidae) en el Valle del Cauca, Colombia = Base line data, diagnostic doses, and field monitoring of resistance to several insecticides in adult and immature populations of Tr ...

SUBJECT: data; disks; adults; compuesto orgánico del f�?sforo; piretrinas sint�?ticas


SUBJECT: organophosphorus compounds; mangosteen; lc-ms/ms; quechers; mangosteen

POSTED TO: Thai Journal of Agricultural Science (Thailand) [0049-3589]


Determination of Dithiocarbamates in Agricultural Products Circulated in Korea

Kim, H.Y., Seoul Regional Korea Food and Drug Administration, Seoul et al. [feb2010]

To revise the dithiocarbamates residue analysis method and survey the residues in agricultural products that were treated with these fungicides in Korea, we purchased 20 types of foodstuffs (rice, potato, cabbage, apple etc.) from markets in five major cities. 236 samples of the purchased foodstuffs were then analyzed for the presence of dithiocarbamates by HPLC/UV and HPLC/APCI-MS. The R², LO ...

SUBJECT: ptu; carbamatos; ddc; pbdc; etu

POSTED TO: Korean Journal of Food Science and Technology [0367-6293]

A quantitative sequencing (QS) protocol was established for predicting the frequencies of the A298S and G324A mutations in the diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella) type-1 acetylcholinesterase (AChE) locus, putatively involved in organophosphate (OP) and carbamate (CB) insecticide resistance. The nucleotide resistant signal ratio at each mutation site was generated from sequencing chromatogra ...

SUBJECT: resistance; carbamatos; inhibicion; organophosphate; acetilcolinesterasa

POSTED TO: Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology [1226-8615]

SUBJECT: propriedade físico-química; madera; aguardientes; chemicophysical properties; antioxidants

SUBJECT: aguardientes; wines; carbamate/ chromatographie; eau de vie; spirits

POSTED TO: Connaissance de la Vigne et du Vin (France) [0010-597X]

Depuis 1986, des contre-performances ont ete notees, en Aquitaine, avec les carbamates dans la lutte contre les taupins Agriotes spp. Il s'agit, chaque fois, de parcelles de mais conduites en monoculture avec emploi repete de ce groupe d'insecticides. Par analogie avec des etudes americaines publiees a partir de 1981, a propos de la lutte contre Diabrotica, la Chrysomele des racines de mais, e ...

SUBJECT: carbamatos; plaguicidas; efficiency; aquitania/ zea mays; agriotes

POSTED TO: Phytoma (France) [0048-4091]

[Ethyl carbamate in fruit brandy. Pt. 4]

Christoph, N. et al. [1988]

SUBJECT: biosynthese; carbamatos; branntwein; aguardientes; fruit products

POSTED TO: Alkohol-Industrie (Germany, F.R.) [0002-5496]

[Ethyl carbamate in fruit brandy, pt. 3]

Christoph, N. et al. [1988]

SUBJECT: biosynthese; carbamatos; branntwein; aguardientes; fruit products

POSTED TO: Alkohol-Industrie (Germany, F.R.) [0002-5496]

SUBJECT: carbamatos; carcinogen; wines; composition; wein

POSTED TO: Weinwirtschaft - Technik (Germany, F.R.) [0723-1369]