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SUBJECT: plantas de raices comestibles; plante oleagineuse; monocotiledoneas; economic plants; principes

SUBJECT: soils; plantas de condimento; capsicum; caract morfologicas (suelos); feed crops

POSTED TO: Tropical Agriculturist (Sri Lanka)

SUBJECT: grain legumes; processing; acidos grasos; etat physique; chenopodiaceae

POSTED TO: Plant and Cell Physiology (Japan) [0032-0781]

SUBJECT: propagation materials; materiales de propagacion; grain legumes; feed crops; zea mays

POSTED TO: Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture - Miyazaki University (Japan) [0544-6066]


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The overall objective of the Comprehensive Assessment of the Agricultural Sector (CAAS) is to provide an evidence base to enable appropriate strategic policy responses by the Government of Liberia (GoL) and its development partners in order to maximize the contribution of the agriculture sector to the Government's overarching policy objectives. Given the strong relationship between grow ...

SUBJECT: juices; fish farmers; agricultural extension; dry season; farm

SUBJECT: plante oleagineuse; monocotiledoneas; plantas de condimento; economic plants; principes

POSTED TO: Japanese Journal of Tropical Agriculture (Japan) [0021-5260]

SUBJECT: caracteristicas agronomicas; domestic animals; nutrient content; betail; agronomic characters

POSTED TO: Journal of the National Agricultural Society of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

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Journal article

European Union

SUBJECT: jugo de frutas; grapevines; economic plants; productos derivados de las frutas; fruit juices

POSTED TO: Official Journal of the European Communities (CEC) [0378-6978]

SUBJECT: toxinas; physical states; fungi; plantas de raices comestibles; plante oleagineuse