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Journal Article

Journal article

European Union

SUBJECT: acarien gallicole; acaros eriofidos; gall-causing insects; insecte gallicole; insectos causantes de agallas

POSTED TO: Urt (Denmark) [0105-3795]

SUBJECT: browsing; reno; acarien gallicole; reindeer; gall causing mites

POSTED TO: Oikos (Denmark) [0030-1299]

Journal Article

Journal article

Matica Srpska Library

The research was carried out in Slovakia from 2004-2008, in a city park area in Nitra. The research was oriented to gall-forming insects and mites on ornamental woody plants in an urban environment. A visual control of woody plants in the terrain was done, and an individual species was determined according mainly to collected samples of symptoms. In total 122 species of gall-forming insect and ...

SUBJECT: aucaros eriofados; acarien gallicole; public parks; gall causing mites; parques pablicos

POSTED TO: Acta Entomologica Serbica (Serbia) [0354-9410]

Journal Article

Journal article

Matica Srpska Library

The plant gall collection is part of the Herbarium BUNS collection, University of Novi Sad (Serbia). Collection began with the formation in 1976, and as a unique type of collection in Serbia, it has existed for 35 years. Today’s collection Herbarium cecidologicum is made of two units – Plant gall collection (dried specimens) and database, and includes 438 data: 294 data for dried specimens and ...

SUBJECT: aucaros eriofados; cecidozoa; databases; acarien gallicole; plant galls

POSTED TO: Matica Srpska Proceedings for Natural Sciences [0352-4906]

[Galls on plants [keys]]

Jensen, H.S. et al. [1995]

SUBJECT: stems; arbuste; racine; acarien gallicole; bourgeon

POSTED TO: Natur og Museum (Denmark) [0028-0585]

SUBJECT: insecte depredateur des semences; insectos chupadores; symptome; enemigos naturales; eucalyptus

POSTED TO: Serie Divulgacao (Portugal) [0870-967X]

SUBJECT: cecidomyiidae; feuille; south africa; gall causing insects; insecte gallicole

POSTED TO: South African Mango Growers' Association Yearbook (South Africa)

Pihlajan kasvintuhoojat /

Vänninen, Irene. [2015]

SUBJECT: puut; pihlajat; fruit damaging insects; stem eating insects; tuhoeläimet

SUBJECT: insecte depredateur des fruits; insectos depredadores de las hojas; stem eating insects; insecte depredateur des tiges; gall causing insects

POSTED TO: Sorbifolia (Finland) [0359-3568]

SUBJECT: cecidomyiidae; green manures; biological control; diptera; pest resistance

POSTED TO: Proceedings of the Association for Plant Protection of Hokuriku (Japan) [0388-8053]