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Journal article

European Union

SUBJECT: acarien gallicole; acaros eriofidos; gall-causing insects; insecte gallicole; insectos causantes de agallas

POSTED TO: Urt (Denmark) [0105-3795]

SUBJECT: browsing; reno; acarien gallicole; reindeer; gall causing mites

POSTED TO: Oikos (Denmark) [0030-1299]

Journal Article

Journal article

Matica Srpska Library

The research was carried out in Slovakia from 2004-2008, in a city park area in Nitra. The research was oriented to gall-forming insects and mites on ornamental woody plants in an urban environment. A visual control of woody plants in the terrain was done, and an individual species was determined according mainly to collected samples of symptoms. In total 122 species of gall-forming insect and ...

SUBJECT: aucaros eriofados; acarien gallicole; public parks; gall causing mites; parques pablicos

POSTED TO: Acta Entomologica Serbica (Serbia) [0354-9410]

Journal Article

Journal article

Matica Srpska Library

The plant gall collection is part of the Herbarium BUNS collection, University of Novi Sad (Serbia). Collection began with the formation in 1976, and as a unique type of collection in Serbia, it has existed for 35 years. Today’s collection Herbarium cecidologicum is made of two units – Plant gall collection (dried specimens) and database, and includes 438 data: 294 data for dried specimens and ...

SUBJECT: aucaros eriofados; cecidozoa; databases; acarien gallicole; plant galls

POSTED TO: Matica Srpska Proceedings for Natural Sciences [0352-4906]

[Galls on plants [keys]]

Jensen, H.S. et al. [1995]

SUBJECT: stems; arbuste; racine; acarien gallicole; bourgeon

POSTED TO: Natur og Museum (Denmark) [0028-0585]

Mites of the family Eriophyidae (Acari.Prostigmata) are the most imporant of injurious mites of olive in the most of olive –growing countries, during a study from 1998 to 1999 ,two species of this family were collected and identified from Tarom, north of Zanjan provines. Both species were new record from Iran. These mites are serious especially in the greenhouses of olive propagation. Mite spe ...

SUBJECT: yellow variety; acarien gallicole; pest resistance; acarien nuisible; iran republique islamique

Journal Article

Journal article

Library of Antonin Svehla

The occurrence and dispersion of the gall mites Acalitus rudis and Phyllocoptes lionotus in the crowns of Betula pendula was studied in birch stands in the eastern part of Krusne hory Mts. (Czech Republic) from 1995 to 2001. The infestation of birch stands increased during the period studied. The population dynamics of A. rudis revealed important deviations, the abundance of P. lionotus was lo ...

SUBJECT: acarien gallicole; betula pendula; feuille; acarien nuisible; dynamique des populations

POSTED TO: Journal of Forest Science - UZPI (Czech Republic) [1212-4834]

Trois études présentées à la CIRA (Conférence internationale sur les ravageurs en agriculture) par le laboratoire d'acarologie de l'ENSA-M-INRA traitent des effets non intentionnels de produits phytosanitaires sur les acariens, soit ravageurs (phytophages) soit auxiliaires (prédateurs). Ainsi l'effet acaricide du soufre sur l'acarien jaune Tetranychus urticae a été mesuré au laboratoire en fon ...

SUBJECT: pesticide resistance; efficacite; acaricides; typhlodromus pyri; acarien gallicole

POSTED TO: Phytoma. La Défense des Végétaux (France) [1164-6993]

[Blister mite (Colomerus vitis [Pagenstecher])]

Baillod, M. et al. [jan-feb1996]

SUBJECT: pests of plants; predators; eriophyidae; acarien gallicole; plagas de plantas

POSTED TO: Revue suisse de viticulture, arboriculture, horticulture (Switzerland) [0375-1430]

SUBJECT: damage; acarien gallicole; solanum; gall causing mites; structure cellulaire

POSTED TO: Annales ANPP (France)