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Horticultura herbácea especial

Maroto Borrego, J.V. [1995]

SUBJECT: achicoria; control de enfermedades; pepino; vegetable legumes; borago officinalis

Journal Article

Journal article

Library of Antonin Svehla

This work evaluated the impact of meteorological extremes' variability on the growing of vegetables in the Labe river basin (Polabi), one of the Czech Republic's traditional vegetable growing regions. We analysed data for the majority of market vegetable crops cultivated in Polabi and their relationships with dry, wet and heat episodes. A higher number of tropical days caused reduced yield for ...

SUBJECT: daucus carota; repollo; elbe; pepino; vegetable crops

POSTED TO: Scientia Agriculturae Bohemica (Czech Republic) [1211-3174]

Diagrs., illus. Reprinted 1978

SUBJECT: hortalizas de hoja; essential oil crops; plant diseases; grain legumes; vegetable crops

SUBJECT: epice; fruit; organic agriculture; agriculture biologique; vegetable growing

SUBJECT: multiplication des plantes; evaluacion; plant breeding; plant propagation; legume racine

SUBJECT: apium graveolens; protection des plantes; daucus carota; control de enfermedades; control de plagas

SUBJECT: 14c; angleterre; inglaterra; reino unido; radiactividad

POSTED TO: Journal of Environmental Radioactivity (United Kingdom)