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Nitrogen in atmospheric precipitation. The current state of knowledge

Sapek, A.,Instytut Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy [2011]

An outlook dominated for a long time that quota of nitrogen in atmospheric deposition was comprised in wet deposition of rain or snow, though the results of recently made studies suggest that the input of nitrogen with the dry deposition is about the same as with wet deposition. The official monitoring in most countries is assessed the input of nitrogen in wet deposition, but this input with d ...

SUBJECT: nitrogen fertilizers; eutrophisation; ecosistema; aplicacion de abonos; nitrogen cycle

SUBJECT: nitrogen fertilizers; soil; soil organic matter; nitrates; losses

SUBJECT: praderas; metabolismo del nitrogeno; factores ambientales; nitrogen metabolism; nitrogen balance

POSTED TO: Grass and Forage Science (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: shading; forest trees; nitrogen fertilizers; winter hardiness; betula tortuosa

POSTED TO: Journal of Ecology, Oxford (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: atmosphere; nitrogen metabolism; ammonia; oxidos de nitrogeno; nitrogen cycle

POSTED TO: New Phytologist (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: triticum aestivum; oryza sativa; tecnicas de trazadores; nitrogen metabolism; rendement des cultures

SUBJECT: nif a regulation; metabolismo del nitrogeno; nitrogen metabolism; two-component regulatory system; azorhizobium caulinodans ors571

POSTED TO: Molecular and General Genetics (Germany) [0026-8925]

Nodule and root fragments of control and stressed plants were processed for light and electron microscopy. Adaptations of root nodules to stress conditions were examined with respect of structural changes, apoplast modification and antioxidative response. Cytochemical methods were used to localize lignin, suberin, ascorbic acid, gluthatione, phenolic and hydrogen peroxide. An involvement of se ...

SUBJECT: cytology; stress osmotique; metabolisme; heavy metals; nitrogen metabolism

Journal Article

Journal article

Library of Antonin Svehla

Parameters characterizing N mineralization and nitrification were measured in soils of ten monitoring areas of the basal soil monitoring carried out by the Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture. A remarkable seasonal cycle was found only for nitrate concentrations that reached their maxima in the spring (April-June), and late summer and/or autumn, starting in August. Amm ...

SUBJECT: variation saisonniere; nitrogen fertilizers; soil organic matter; nitrogen cycle; azote

POSTED TO: Rostlinna Vyroba - UZPI (Czech Republic) [0370-663X]

The use of 15N-labelled urea has alloweded to follow the fate of urea-N in two two-years rotations (sorghum - wheat and maize - wheat) and bare soil so as to also evaluate the effect of the crop. An high amount of the fertilizer-N was found in the organic-N pool at the harvest. The percentages of urea-N in this pool was affected by both soil and culture type. Moreover, from 7 to 13% of urea-N ...

SUBJECT: experimentation en laboratoire; analisi del terreno; nitrogen metabolism; ammonia; field experimentation

POSTED TO: Agricoltura Ricerca (Italy) [0392-5609]