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SUBJECT: plagas; poids; larve; crops; plantas de valor economico

POSTED TO: Applied Entomology and Zoology (Japan) [0003-6862]

SUBJECT: organophosphorus; pyrethroid; organophosphorus compounds; rice fields; synthetic pyrethrins

SUBJECT: organophosphorus; organophosphorus compounds; biological absorbent technology; nakhorn pathom province; thailand

SUBJECT: residues; dimocarpus longan; gc-fpd; organophosphorus pesticide; residues

POSTED TO: Warasan Witthayasat Kaset [0125-0369]

Pesticide intoxications are widely occurred in agriculture, especially in the developing countries. Pesticide poisonings are known to be a major public health problem. For this reason, there are approximately 220,000 deaths per year on a word-wide scale [1]. Therefore rapid, simple and sensitive field methods are required to check the presence of these compounds. Organophosphorus compounds (OP ...

SUBJECT: fenitrotion; malathion; ionisation; substance toxique; compuesto organico del fosforo

SUBJECT: residues; gas chromatographic technique; foods; residues; fatty food

POSTED TO: Bulletin of The Department of Medical Sciences [0125-684X]

SUBJECT: compose organophosphore; organophosphorus ectoparasiticides; risque; lumbricus terrestris; oiseau

POSTED TO: Soil Biology and Biochemistry (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: norepinephrine; modificateur cardiovasculaire; catecholamines; vaisseau sanguin; calcio

POSTED TO: Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: resistance mechanisms; metodos/ musca; pruebas; carbamatos; compose organophosphore

POSTED TO: Bulletin of Entomological Research (UK)

SUBJECT: eau souterraine; eau potable; organochlorine compounds; water pollution; contaminantes

POSTED TO: Revue des Sciences de l'Eau (France)