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SUBJECT: population; arthropode; poblacion; plagas; acarien nuisible

POSTED TO: Shokubutsu Boeki [0037-4091]

SUBJECT: metodos de aplicacion; arthropode; monocotiledoneas; plagas; acarien nuisible

POSTED TO: Proceedings of the Kanto-Tosan Plant Protection Society (Japan) [0388-8258]

SUBJECT: arthropode; plagas; acarien nuisible; economic plants; vegetable crops

POSTED TO: Proceedings of the Kanto-Tosan Plant Protection Society (Japan) [0388-8258]

[Blister mite (Colomerus vitis [Pagenstecher])]

Baillod, M. et al. [jan-feb1996]

SUBJECT: pests of plants; predators; eriophyidae; acarien gallicole; plagas de plantas

POSTED TO: Revue suisse de viticulture, arboriculture, horticulture (Switzerland) [0375-1430]

SUBJECT: resistance aux ravageurs/ frankliniella; acarien nuisible; tetranychidae; aphis; arachis hypogaea

SUBJECT: storage mites; tyrophagus putrescentiae; tyrophagus; suecia; risque professionnel

SUBJECT: huespedes; methode de lutte antiparasite; pest resistance; hosts; acarien nuisible

SUBJECT: tyrophagus; arthropode; chemicophysical properties; compuestos organicos; plagas

POSTED TO: Applied Entomology and Zoology (Japan) [0003-6862]

SUBJECT: arthropode; plagas; japan; acarien nuisible; artropodos

POSTED TO: Bulletin of the Gunma Horticultural Experiment Station (Japan) [0386-7609]

Mites of the family Eriophyidae (Acari.Prostigmata) are the most imporant of injurious mites of olive in the most of olive –growing countries, during a study from 1998 to 1999 ,two species of this family were collected and identified from Tarom, north of Zanjan provines. Both species were new record from Iran. These mites are serious especially in the greenhouses of olive propagation. Mite spe ...

SUBJECT: yellow variety; acarien gallicole; pest resistance; acarien nuisible; iran republique islamique