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SUBJECT: soil sickness; fumigants; rootstocks; growth; malus pumila

POSTED TO: Tohoku Agricultural Research (Japan) [0388-6727]

Soil deterioration in the Valle del Cesar has generated a gradual reduction of livestock in their productive response to pastures. That effect has been more intense in areas managed under a grass monoculture. As an alternative, an integration of agricultural, forest, and livestock production systems is proposed as an strategy for improving both environment preservation and production. The purp ...

SUBJECT: soil sickness; système sylvopastoral; rehabilitación de tierras,recuperación de tierras,recuperación de suelos; 土壤病害; silvopastoral systems

POSTED TO: Revista CORPOICA. Ciencia y Tecnología Agropecuaria [0122-8706]


SUBJECT: land management; ecologie; stabilisation du sol; manejo de praderas; plant communities

POSTED TO: Oekologische Hefte der Landwirtschaftlich-Gaertnerischen Fakultaet, Humboldt-Universitaet, Berlin (Germany)

Journal Article

Journal article

Belarus Agricultural Library

In the conditions of the Republic of Belarus there was presented an evaluation of organic soil properties changing in the course of long-term agricultural use according to the data of a long-term field experiment founded in 1960 by the member of the Academy of Sciences S.G. Skoropanov and carried out by Polesye experimental station of Ameliorative Agriculture and Meadow Cultivation (Luninetsky ...

SUBJECT: soil sickness; belarus; ba©larus; soil; soil degradation

POSTED TO: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Agrarian Series [1817-7204]


SUBJECT: soil sickness; soil sterilization; desinfection du sol; suelos cultivables; desinfeccion del suelo

POSTED TO: Revista de Industria, Distribución y Socioeconomía Hortícola. Frutas, Hortalizas, Flores, Plantas, Árboles Ornamentales y Viveros [1132-2950]

SUBJECT: soil sickness; soil sterilization; fumigant; desinfection du sol; suelos cultivables

POSTED TO: Revista de Industria, Distribución y Socioeconomía Hortícola. Frutas, Hortalizas, Flores, Plantas, Árboles Ornamentales y Viveros [1132-2950]

Investigation of the effect of different concentration of crude oil on growth parameters of tall fescue (Festuca arundinaceu) and Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) in the calcareous soil

Shahriari, M. H., Soil Science Engineering Department, College of Agriculture and Natural Resourse, Tehran University, Karaj et al. [2008]

Hydrocarbons contaminants depend on their type and concentration can cause variable toxicity in soils, on the other hand different kind of plants also response concentration of contaminant differently, because of the diversity of physiological and morphological characteristics. In this study the effect of different levels of light crude oil was investigated on emergence and plant biomass of ta ...

SUBJECT: soil sickness; sol pollue; contaminantes; soil toxicity; iran republique islamique

POSTED TO: In Agronomy and Horticulture [1019-9632]

[Ecology of the fungal microbiota in the sweet pepper greenhouse soils and its agronomical interest]

Martínez Francés, M.A., Instituto Murciano de Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario y Alimentario et al. [2009]

El pimiento es un monocultivo en más del 90% de los invernaderos de la Región de Murcia y en el sur de la provincia de Alicante desde hace más de un cuarto de siglo. El bromuro de metilo se ha venido empleando asiduamente, hasta su prohibición en el año 2005, para el control de los principales patógenos del suelo y para paliar los efectos de la fatiga del mismo, responsable del descenso de la ...

SUBJECT: soil sickness; hongos del suelo; soil microorganisms; protected cultivation; micro-organisme du sol

Es wurden Gefaessversuche durchgefuehrt, in denen die Versuchspflanzen veranlasst wurden, jeweils eine Haelfte ihrer Wurzelkrone in verschiedenen Kombinationen von muedem bzw. nicht muedem Boden zu entwickeln. Die Untersuchungen ergeben, dass das Ausmass der Wuchsminderung durch die Bodenmuedigkeit in Relation zum Anteil der geschaedigten Faserwurzeln steht. Damit wird die Hypothese gestuetzt, ...

SUBJECT: soil sickness; systeme racinaire; pot experimentation; transport des substances nutritives; agentes nocivos

POSTED TO: Zentralblatt fuer Mikrobiologie (Germany) [0232-4393]

Journal Article

Journal article

Canadian Agriculture Library

SUBJECT: sel d'acide mineral; materia organica; densidad; sistemas de cultivo; densite du sol

POSTED TO: Canadian journal of soil science (Canada) [0008-4271]