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SUBJECT: stored products pests; oryza sativa; stored products pest control; stored rice; stored rice insect

SUBJECT: toxicity; stored products pests; repulsif; oryza sativa; plant pests

POSTED TO: International Journal of Pest Management (United Kingdom)



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[Alternative and conventional measures for control of storage insects]

Andrić, G., Institut za pesticide i zaštitu životne sredine et al. [2011]

SUBJECT: stored products pests; produit vagatal; produit; stored products pest control; productos almacenados

SUBJECT: stored products pests; breeding methods; physiology; environmental conditions; environment

POSTED TO: Applied Entomology and Zoology (Japan) [0003-6862]


Written Paper

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House mouse, black and grey rat are the most important pest rodents in storage facilities and cause a 5% loss of the overall world food production. Control of rodent number in agricultural storage facilities is undertaken only after its presence has been registered. Preparations used to control rodents need to meet palatability requirements, i.e. stimulate rodents to choose baits rather than f ...

SUBJECT: stored products pests; cebo para control de plagas; rat; stored products pest control; productos almacenados

POSTED TO: Journal on Processing and Energy in Agriculture (Serbia) [1821-4487]

SUBJECT: stored products pests; cereal products; denrees entreposees; air conditioning; stored products pest control

POSTED TO: Southwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences (China) [1001-4829]

The use of controlled atmosphere with an oxygen concentration kept under 1% causes asphyxia of stored product insects. For the treatment in silos, cells and horizontal stores, the Ecogen - GLOA (General Low Oxygen Atmosphere) method is described: a generator which produces N2 through combustion of atmospheric gas and propane/methane. The mixture of gas produced is poor of oxygen (1%) and it is ...

SUBJECT: stored products pests; attrezzatura; agricultural products; tempo; plagas de productos almacenados

POSTED TO: Tecnica Molitoria (Italy) [0040-1862]

Journal Article

Journal article

SUBJECT: stored products pests; denrees entreposees; stored products pest control; productos almacenados; ravageur des denrees entreposees

POSTED TO: Biljni lekar (Serbia and Montenegro) [0354-6160]

Effects of temperature on insect mortality and the quality of rice were investigated. Rice samples with adults of maize weevil (Sitophilus zeamais) were treated first. For mature stage, the exposure times required to obtain 100 percent insect mortality were 70, 40 and 30 min, for 60, 70 and 80 deg C, respectively. In the case of immature stages, heat treatment at 70 deg C was selected as the o ...

SUBJECT: sitophilus zeamais; stored products pests; heat treatment; sitophilus zeamais; stored products pest control

SUBJECT: stored products pests; insect pest; heat treatment; temperature; oryza sativa