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Written Paper


Reinhardt H. Howeler, 'Secondary and micronutrient requirements of cassava and the use of soil amendments', Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT), 2015

SUBJECT: manihot esculenta; trace elements deficiencies; soil deficiencies; calcio; requirements


SUBJECT: elementos metalicos; mercury; oligoelement; metallic elements; soil

POSTED TO: Environmental Geochemistry and Health (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: feuille; estimulantes de crecimiento vegetal; oligoelementos; plant growth substances; trace elements

POSTED TO: Studia Universitatis. Seria Stiinte ale naturii (Republic of Moldova) [1857-1735]


Written Paper


This report presents the concentrations of major ions, nutrients, and trace elements in water and bottom sediments collected in the four-tributaries during the low-flow condition of September 9-13, 1996. Stream-water chemistry results are contrasted, and trace-element concentrations compared with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency chronic aquatic life toxicity criteria. Bottom -sediment trac ...

SUBJECT: trace elements in water -- oregon -- steamboat creek watershed; water chemistry; chemical analysis; ions; water pollutants

Zinc is one of micro-elements and essential elements for plant growth. Zinc deficiency in Iran pistachio plantations area as calcareous soil and high pH was observed. In order to investigate zinc situation in pistachio leaves, soil and water of pistachio plantation area of Iran this research was carried out. The selected area for investigation was Rafsanjan, Sirjan, Kerman and Zarand from Kerm ...

SUBJECT: trace element deficiencies; pistache; yazd ( province ); iran republique islamique; engrais a oligo-elements

SUBJECT: resource management; plant nutrition; basaltic soils; geological resources; soil improvement

The studies published in the present issue review the current state of the research on microelements performed in Poland with the main problem listed below, - the microelement distribution in soil, the soil solution and plants, - the methods of soil microelement content determination and balancing of those components using the modern techniques, e.g. GPS, - the evaluation of microelement influ ...

SUBJECT: nutrient excesses; heavy metals; solution du sol; trace element deficiencies; methods

POSTED TO: Zeszyty Problemowe Postepow Nauk Rolniczych (Poland) [0084-5477]

Journal Article

Journal article

Belarus Agricultural Library

[Bioelementhosis of animals]

Kuchinskij, M.P. et al. [2006]

Theoretical analysis of several classifications basing on division of chemical elements according to the content level in animal body, selective accumulation in certain organs and tissues, physiological and biological role in body, importance in formation of organ of tissue structure and terminological problems of animal mineral exchange diseases was presented. Analysis of the following classi ...

SUBJECT: tйcnicas analнticas; йlйment chimique; belarus; deficiencias nutritivas; trace element deficiencies

POSTED TO: Эпизоотология. Иммунобиология. Фармакология. Санитария (Belarus). Epizootology. Immunology. Pharmacology. Sanitation

SUBJECT: classification des sols; soil chemicophysical properties; egypt; heavy metals; oligoelement

SUBJECT: toxicity; cuivre; nutricion humana; necesidades de nutrientes; molibdeno

POSTED TO: Journal of Commodity Science (Italy) [0392-064X]