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List of threatened weed species in terms of IUCN categories of endangerment is presented. This list provides a general insight into problems involved in endangerment of weed flora in the continental part of Croatia. It contains a total of 78 species as follows: 6 of them are extinct, 42 endangered, 12 vulnerable and 18 are rare. Extinct and the majority of threatened weeds are companions of fl ...

SUBJECT: extinct weeds; endangered weeds; list of threatened weeds; segetal weeds; continental part of croatia

POSTED TO: Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus (ACS) [1331-7776]


Experiment was conducted to study the effect of soil preparation methods and the efficiency of herbicides in weed control and yield of sugarcane. Experimental design was a split plot in RCB with 3 replications. The main plot was land preparation: primary tillage 1 time, primary tillage 1 time and secondary 1 time and primary tillage 1 time and secondary 2 times. Sub plot was using pre-emergenc ...

SUBJECT: weeding; weed control; cultivation; ploughing; weeding

SUBJECT: analyse cout avantage; weed control; analisis de costos y beneficios; cost benefit analysis; plante accidentelle

POSTED TO: Journal of Guizhou Agricultural Sciences (China) [1001-3601]

Weeds in oilseed crops

Hellstroem, A. [1990]

SUBJECT: brassica campestris; protection des plantes; cultivos de primavera; weed control; control quimico

Study on Weeds Fresh Weight Standard for Herbicide Efficacy Evaluation

Kim, M.J., Nonghyup Chemical Research Institute, Okcheon et al. [mar2018]

This study was conducted to establish standard fresh weight data about the minimum amount of occurred weeds at untreated paddy fields, upland fields and orchard fields (including non-cultivated land) in 10 areas. The amount of occurred weeds in each area was compared fresh weight with dry weight. The average percentage for ratio of dry weight to fresh weight in paddy fields was concluded to be ...

SUBJECT: weeds dry weight; malezas; untreated area weeds occurred amount; weeds fresh weight; mauvaise herbe

POSTED TO: Weed and Turfgrass Science [2287-7924]

The aim of this study was to estimate the quantitative indexes of stand weed infestation and yields of three cultivars of spring wheat sown in sowing densities 500 and 800 grains per 1 m2. The study was conducted in 2006-2009 in the gray-brown podsolic soil formed from loess. The experimental factors were three cultivars of spring wheat different in respect of morphology: Nawra, Zadra and Kory ...

SUBJECT: species composition of weeds; short-duration weeds; number of spikes per area unit; weed weight; wheat canopy

POSTED TO: Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Agricultura [1644-0625]


Written Paper

Belarus Agricultural Library

Results of studying the biological efficiency of new herbicide Tapir (aquatic concentrate, 0,5-1,0 l/ha) in soybean (Glycine max) crops cultivated in the conditions of the Republic of Belarus were presented. Research results (2008) proved that Tapir proved to be the effective herbicide in soybean control against annual and some perennial dicotyledon plants, as well as against annual cereal wee ...

SUBJECT: protection des plantes; efficacite; belarus; desherbage mecanique; weeding

POSTED TO: Plant Protection : manual of proceedings [0135-3705]

SUBJECT: flora; secale cereale; solanum tuberosum; flore; labour

POSTED TO: Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft fuer Pflanzenbauwissenschaften [0934-5116]

SUBJECT: letonia; desherbage mecanique; weeding; cultivos de primavera; weed control


Study of weed control using herbicides with tillage practice was conducted. Experimental design was split plot in RCB with three replications. Main plot was 3 pre-emergence herbicide applications, atrazine at the rate of 400 grams active ingredient per rai, pendimethalin + imazapic at the rate 133+12 grams active ingredient per rai and no application. Sub plot was 4 tillage methods, no tillage ...

SUBJECT: weeds control; weeding; pendimethalin; pendimethalin; weeding