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[Olfactometric techniques, through the utilization of electronic nose, are more and more diffuse in evaluation of quality and safety of foods. The major advantages of such approach lie in their flexibility of use. In fact, once adequate protocols of analysis and multivariate statistical models are set up, the electronic nose may be utilized in field conditions, as it is characterized by quickn ...

SUBJECT: ochratoxine; spain; fumonisine; dakota du nord; fumonisinas

POSTED TO: Italian Journal of Animal Science (Italy) [1594-4077]

SUBJECT: consommation alimentaire; japan; beef; meat production; viande chevaline

SUBJECT: demanda; usa; oecd; servicios publicos; servicios sociales

SUBJECT: usa; japan; development aid; amerique latine; belgique

SUBJECT: czechoslovakia; angleterre; inglaterra; german federal republic/ belgium; spain

POSTED TO: Hopfen-Rundschau (Germany, F.R.) [0018-4845]

A review of aid donors

Randel, J. et al. [1998]

SUBJECT: suisse; usa; development aid; japan; belgique

SUBJECT: republica de corea; world markets; exportation; suisse; usa

POSTED TO: Agra Europe Special Report (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: suisse; japan; belgique; nouvelle zelande; south africa

POSTED TO: International Dairy Federation [0250-5118]

SUBJECT: aptitud al ordeno; suisse; usa; poland; nouvelle zelande

POSTED TO: Bulletin - International Bull Evaluation Service (Sweden) [1011-6079]

SUBJECT: usa; japan; belgique; rfts; poland

POSTED TO: Bulletin - International Bull Evaluation Service (Sweden) [1011-6079]