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SUBJECT: suisse; technique de vente; brevetti; usa; mutanti

POSTED TO: Rivista di Frutticoltura e di Ortofloricoltura (Italy) [0016-2310]

SUBJECT: suisse; usa; contenido de humedad; azucares reductores; nouvelle zelande

POSTED TO: Vcelar [0139-6064]

Agroecology involves various approaches to solve actual challenges of agricultural production. Though agroecology initially dealt primarily with crop production and protection aspects, in recent decades new dimensions such as environmental, social, economic, ethical and development issues are becoming relevant. Today, the term `agroecology' means either a scientific discipline, agricultural pr ...

SUBJECT: scientific discipline; rural development; usa; food system; développement rural


Written Paper

Library of Antonin Svehla

Sugar beet versus sugar cane - territorial and developmental perspective

Andel, J., Univerzita Jana Evangelisty Purkyne et al. [oct2013]

The aim of this paper is to analyse territorial and developmental aspects of production of basic crops used for sugar production - sugar beet and sugar cane. The papers answer the question if there exist concentration trends in production of these crops and if so, what is the form and intensity of this concentration. Another question addressed in this paper concerns the reasons of past and rec ...

SUBJECT: usa; sucre de canne; production data; brasil; marche

POSTED TO: Listy Cukrovarnicke a Reparske (Czech Republic) [1210-3306]


SUBJECT: suisse; usa; brazil; protection de la foret; regeneration

SUBJECT: japon/ eua; brazil; consommation alimentaire; reino unido; germany

SUBJECT: angleterre; inglaterra; usa; brazil; japan

POSTED TO: Journal of Agricultural Science Research-Sunchon National University (Korea Republic) [1225-3251]

SUBJECT: republica de corea; world markets; exportation; suisse; usa

POSTED TO: Agra Europe Special Report (United Kingdom)


Written Paper

SUBJECT: cropping systems/ soil fertility; suisse; usa; integrated control; japan

POSTED TO: Vedeckotechnicky Rozvoj v Zemedelstvi - UVTIZ (CSFR) [0862-3562]

Se analizan modelos típicos de producción de granos en Canadá, Estados Unidos, Alemania, Brasil y Argentina para una comparación mundial de competitividad de costos en producción de oleaginosas. Además, se examinan los costos de producción totales y parciales correspondientes a la tierra, los intereses del capital, gastos de estructura, de laboreo y otros costos directos, todos ellos relaciona ...

SUBJECT: profitability; usa; tierras agricolas; brazil; seed

POSTED TO: Revista Argentina de Economía Agraria (Argentina) [0327-3318]