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SUBJECT: profitability; production; analisis economico; plant breeding; projet de developpement

SUBJECT: exportation; bcc; cafe arabica; prix; exports

SUBJECT: calcium hydroxide; aplicacion de abonos; propagation materials; hydroxyde de calcium; burundi

The presence of the Greenideine aphid, Greenidea ficicola Takahashi, is recorded for Italy (including Sicily) and Europe. Notes are given on its epidemiology, host plants and potential damages to ornamental Ficus spp., which are the only plants hitherto detected as infested ones in that territory

SUBJECT: piante ospiti; florida; ornamental plants; distribution géographique; sicile

POSTED TO: Informatore Fitopatologico (Italy) [0020-0735]

SUBJECT: elevage; burundi; ganaderia; exploitation agricole familiale; goats

POSTED TO: Sozialoekonomische Schriften zur ruralen Entwicklung (Germany)

SUBJECT: milieu pelagique; pelagic environment; ambiente pelagico; food chains; chaine alimentaire

POSTED TO: Revue d'Hydrobiologie Tropicale (France) [0240-8783]

SUBJECT: soil morphological features/ monitoring; trait morphologique du sol/ surveillance; teledeteccion; collecte de donnees; remote sensing

POSTED TO: Bulletin de la Societe Belge de Pedologie [0079-0419]

SUBJECT: soil resources; enquete/ classification des sols; classification des terres; encuestas/ clasificacion de suelos; caract morfologicas (suelos)

POSTED TO: Administration Generale de la Cooperation au Developpement

SUBJECT: zaire; biotopos; lepidoptera; biotopes; burundi/ distribucion natural

POSTED TO: Bulletin en Annalen van de Koninklijke Belgische Vereniging voor Entomologie [0374-6038]

SUBJECT: soil requirements; exigence des plantes; necesidades de las plantas; exigence des sols; burundi/ essai

POSTED TO: Administration Generale de la Cooperation au Developpement