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SUBJECT: plantas textiles; plantas para bebidas; essential oil crops; drug plants; beverage crops

New crop compendium

Janick, J. et al. [1998]

SUBJECT: plantas textiles; sistemas de informacion; mercadeo; plant breeding; plantas industriales

SUBJECT: plantas textiles; plantas para bebidas; essential oil crops; drug plants; beverage crops

SUBJECT: riego; mijos; essential oil crops; plante oleagineuse; monocotiledoneas

SUBJECT: geraniales; physical states; essential oil crops; ornamental trees; economic plants

POSTED TO: Nogyo oyobi Engei [0369-5247]


SUBJECT: legumineuse; cultural methods; yields; essential oil crops; plante oleagineuse

Herbal essential oils extracted from eight plant species: Allium sativum L. (garlic), Syzygium aromaticum Merr et Perry (clove), Illicium verum Hook F. (star anise), Zanthoxylum limonella Dennst (Ma-khwaen), Lavendula angustifolia Mill (lavender), Mentha cordifolia Opiz ex Fresen (kitchen mint), Citrus reticulata Blanco. (mandarin orange), Cinnamomum verum J.S. Presl (cinnamon) and naphthalene ...

SUBJECT: mandarin orange; mandarins; toxicity; cinnamon; insecticide


Smyrnium cordifolium belongs to Umbelliferae family that grows in west and southwest of Iran and has nutritive and medicinal uses in these of those regions.The plant materials were collected from Alshtar in North of Lorestan province at three developmental stages including preflowering , flowering , ripened fruits and were investigated for quantitative and qualitative changes of their essentia ...

SUBJECT: essential oil crops; smyrnium cordifolium; iran republique islamique; crops; plante de culture

POSTED TO: Pajouhesh and Sazandegi [1019-9632]

The genuse Bunium comprised 14 specied in Iran, two of them (B. wolfi and B. lurestanicum) are endemic. Among these species, only B. persicum is famous and used in medicinal and nutriton industries. In this project, some othet species of bunium named: B. lurestanica, B. cylindricum, B. paucifolium, B. rectangulum, B. elegans, B. microcarpum, B. badghayzi and B. carioides were studied. At first ...

SUBJECT: bunium; essential oil crops; composicion quimica; iran republique islamique; crops

SUBJECT: grapevines; essential oil crops; utilizacion de la tierra; ornamental plants; drug plants

POSTED TO: Agreste Donnees Chiffrees (France). no. 10. [0243-895X]