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The economical benefit of potato late blight control

Bimsteine, G.,Latvia University of Agriculture [2004]

The economical benefit of controlling potato late blight, caused by Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary, depends on both the quantitative increases in the yield and its effects on quality. The late blight was effectively controlled to combine resistance of varieties, proper cultivation measures and appropriate use of fungicides. The average number of fungicide application in Latvia has been ...

SUBJECT: application des ordinateurs; aplicaciones del ordenador; composante de rendement; fongicide; solanum tuberosum

POSTED TO: Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska. Sectio E Agricultura (Poland) [0365-1118]

SUBJECT: cereales; triticum aestivum; fongicide; control de enfermedades; south africa

POSTED TO: Crop Protection (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: experimentation en laboratoire; fongicide; control de enfermedades; puccinia recondita; control quimico

POSTED TO: Pesticide Science (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: triticum aestivum; fongicide; morpholine fungicides; mycosphaerella graminicola; indice de surface foliaire

POSTED TO: HGCA Project Report (United Kingdom)

Journal Article

Journal article

European Union

Fungicide resistance

Leroux, P. [1984]

SUBJECT: fungicidas; control de hongos; fongicide; resistance aux pesticides/ fongicide; resistencia a los plaguicidas / fungicidas

POSTED TO: Colloques de l'INRA (France) [0293-1915]


Written Paper


The fungicidal activity of 215 compounds was evaluated by comparing their effectiveness with that of malachite green. More than half were found to be unsuitable as aquatic fungicides in preliminary screening tests because of their lack of activity against fungi, toxicity to fish or eggs, insolubility in water, or potential carcinogenicity. After further testing, 30 compounds were selected for ...

SUBJECT: aquatic organisms; fungi; *eggs; carcinogens; quinolinols.

SUBJECT: protection des plantes; fongicide; feuille; control de enfermedades; solanum tuberosum

POSTED TO: Journal of Plant Protection Research (Poland) [1427-4345]

SUBJECT: pesticide resistance; fungicides; arid climate; trichoderma; mancozeb

POSTED TO: Journal of Mycology and Plant Pathology (India) [0971-9393]

SUBJECT: biological control agents; mycelium; pathogens; fungicides; in vitro

POSTED TO: Journal of Mycology and Plant Pathology (India) [0971-9393]