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SUBJECT: spain; pseudomonas; bacteria; acinetobacter; mineral water

POSTED TO: Journal of Applied Bacteriology (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: mildio; batteri gram-negativi; hygiene du lait/ zoonose; milk products; microorganisme psychrophile

POSTED TO: Selezione Veterinaria (Italy) [0037-1521]

SUBJECT: elevage; ganado de leche; batteri gram-negativi; ganaderia; animal litter

POSTED TO: Informatore Zootecnico (Italy) [0020-0778]

SUBJECT: medecine veterinaire; antibioticos; batteri gram-negativi; terapeutica medicamentosa; glande mammaire

POSTED TO: Selezione Veterinaria (Italy) [0037-1521]

Microbial flora of conjunctival fornix and cytologic conjunctival features in normal eyes of 50 healthy mares, 3-22 years old, from Campania region, were detailed. The horses were stabled in stall (16) or in paddock (34). The procedures were performed without pharmacological restraint, nerve blocks or topical anesthetics. The culture samples were taken, from March to May 2003, from the lower c ...

SUBJECT: analisis de tejidos; batteri gram positivi; gestacion; cavalle; bacteria gram positiva

POSTED TO: Atti della Società Italiana delle Scienze Veterinarie (Italy) [1721-1980]

The occurrence of Ewingella americana, Moellerella wisconsensis and Hafnia alvei in vacuum and modified-atmosphere packaged poultry meat is reported. These bacteria must be considered as not pathogenic for consumer. They are not deteriorating and must be considered only as an hygienic index

SUBJECT: empaquetado en atmosfera inerte; identificazione; batteri gram positivi; carne di pollo; chicken meat

POSTED TO: Ingegneria Alimentare. Le Carni (Italy) [1825-9758]

Bacteriology of milk in general practice [dairy cows]

Schmitt van de Leemput, E. et al. [may2006]

SUBJECT: batteri gram-negativi; catalasa; bacteria gram positiva; gram negative bacteria; infeccion

POSTED TO: Summa (Italy) [1125-6745]

Ready-to-use minimally processed salads belong to the group of convenience foods and represent the answer for the consumer which, unwilling to dedicate time to food preparation, demands products quick to prepare, but fresh and natural. The technology of production is very simple and does not imply severe treatments; the product stability depends on the quality of raw material used, the handlin ...

SUBJECT: batteri gram-negativi; bactérie gram négatif; bacteria gram positiva; gram negative bacteria; aptitud para la conservación

POSTED TO: Ingredienti Alimentari (Italy) [1594-0543]

The bacterial population of well waters utilized in dairy industry was examined. The most numerous Gram positive bacteria isolated were Arthrobacter spp., Agrococcus spp., Kocuria spp., Microbacterium spp., Nocadioides spp., Plantibacter spp. and Streptococcus spp.. Between the Gram negative ones, the most relevant were Blastomonas spp., Brevundimonas, Chryseobacterium, Paracoccus, Pseudomonas ...

SUBJECT: isolamento; bactérie gram négatif; batteri gram positivi; réfrigération; conteggio cellulare

POSTED TO: Archivio Veterinario Italiano (Italy) [0004-0479]

New bacterial species have been isolated in raw milk. They are pigmented Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria and they must by considered as saprophytic. They derive from the environment and reveal a low spoiling ability/capacity. Their descriptions have been reported in detail

SUBJECT: batteri gram positivi; microrganismi termofili; citrobacter; bacteria gram positiva; enterobacter

POSTED TO: Industrie Alimentari (Italy) [0019-901X]