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SUBJECT: daucus carota; lactuca; dechet de bois; crops; cama (animales)

POSTED TO: Rapporter i Skogsekologi och Skoglig Marklaera (Sweden) [0348-3398]

SUBJECT: clay; pellet media; pelleting; coir dust; growth

POSTED TO: Warasan Witthayasat Kaset [0125-0369]

SUBJECT: seedling; chemicophysical properties; growth; germination; seeds

POSTED TO: Warasan Witthayasat Kaset [0125-0369]

Ilocos region is a potential mushroom growing region in the Philippines due to its favorable agro-climatic conditions and availability of agro-industrial and forest wastes from rice, other cereals and wood shaving for spawn and growing mushrooms. The paper showcases the mushroom research, development and extension initiative of PSU-MRDC in Ilocos region. It discusses the best practices develop ...

SUBJECT: mycelium; investigacion; substratos de cultivo; extension; micelio

POSTED TO: Journal of ISSAAS [International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences] (Philippines) [0859-3132]

SUBJECT: oyster mushrooms; edible fungi; production; sawdust; production

POSTED TO: Het Thai (Thailand) [0125-8311]

SUBJECT: manure; slow-released fertilizer; capsicum annuum l. bang chang; seedling; sand

POSTED TO: Agricultural Science Journal (Thailand) [0125-0369]

The rhizobial populations and nodulation status of both indigenous (mainly Acacia species) and some introduced woody legume species were assed under glasshouse conditions in soils collected from 12 sites located in defferent ecological zones of Kenya. The soils were collected on 6 dates spanning a period of 3 years (1989-1992) and at least once every year covering wet and dry seasons.

SUBJECT: ecologie; substratos de cultivo; muestreo; ecologia; regime thermique du sol

POSTED TO: Plant Nutrition



Slovak Agricultural Library

This experiment presents comparative analysis of the effect of four different cytokinins, applied to hop explants in three different concentrations, with regard to the growth characteristics û number of shoots, number of nodal segments, the average length of regenerated shoots and root regeneration frequency. The variables cytokinins and concentrations were found to be significantly different. ...

SUBJECT: inhibidores del crecimiento; substratos de cultivo; humulus lupulus; cytokinins; stade de developpement

Three citrus rootstocks Bitter Sweet orange, yuma citranges and sour orange were described for their morphology, fruits and seeds. Regeneration response of these rootstocks tinder in vitro was also studied. Germination percentage of peeled seeds was higher in yuma citranges (73.33 %). Callus induction % age was also higher in leaf explants of yuma rather node, inter-node and cotyledons on MS m ...

SUBJECT: substratos de cultivo; callus; feuille; porte greffe; croissance


Written Paper

SUBJECT: physical states; fungi; produit a base d'algues marines; growing media; plante

POSTED TO: Ochrana Rostlin - UVTIZ (Czechoslovakia) [0036-5394]