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SUBJECT: usa; extension; education; industria lechera; germany

POSTED TO: Bulletin FIL IDF [0250-5118]

SUBJECT: usa; japan; development aid; amerique latine; belgique

Gender and rurality

Whatmore, S. et al. [1994]

SUBJECT: usa; role of women; germany; irlande; role des femmes

SUBJECT: japan; rendement en viande; south africa; sire evaluation; razas mixtas

POSTED TO: Bulletin - International Bull Evaluation Service (Sweden) [1011-6079]

A review of aid donors

Randel, J. et al. [1998]

SUBJECT: suisse; usa; development aid; japan; belgique

SUBJECT: republica de corea; world markets; exportation; suisse; usa

POSTED TO: Agra Europe Special Report (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: usa; heavy metals; nouvelle zelande; toxicite du sol; application rates

POSTED TO: Forskningsserien (Denmark) [0907-032X]

SUBJECT: usa; japan; belgique; rfts; poland

POSTED TO: Bulletin - International Bull Evaluation Service (Sweden) [1011-6079]

SUBJECT: forest trees; plant introduction; usa; nouvelle zelande; plant breeding

POSTED TO: Rapport - Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen foer Skoglig Genetik och Vaextfysiologi (Sweden) [0348-7954]