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SUBJECT: seguridad alimentaria; afar region; soudan; east africa; secheresse

POSTED TO: Greater Horn of Africa Food Security Bulletin

A nutrient monitoring study was conduct­ed on typical Kenyan farming systems in the period 1995. The goal of the study was to maintain sustainability of soil nutrient pool in current land use systems. The objective was to monitor and quantify nutrient movements into, within and out of representative farm systems. In the study a representative region, Kisii and Nyamira districts, located in sou ...

SUBJECT: farmyard manure; engrais vert; fertilite du sol; nutrientes; fertilidad del suelo

The decomposition of Senna Siamea green manure was studied under field condi­tions, at Sokoine University of Agriculture. Three parameters, namely residual dry matter, organic carbon and total nitrogen were used to monitor the decomposition rate of the manure both at the soil surface and at a 10 cm depth in a Rhodustult (soil 1) and Dystroept (soil 2). These parameters were evaluated at 0, 3, ...

SUBJECT: caracteristicas agronomicas; rock phosphate; engrais vert; soil types; caractere agronomique

This paper investigates the causes of maize yield losses in relation to planting time and ensuing rainfall received up to physiologi­cal maturity. Data was obtained from fertil­izer experiments carried out between 1986 and 1994 in 69 Fertilizer Use Recommen­dation Project (FURP) trial sites in the high and medium rainfall areas of Kenya. Long­term rainfall data by 1985 was obtained from the Ke ...

SUBJECT: rain; engrais vert; fertilite du sol; pluie; fertilidad del suelo

SUBJECT: seguridad alimentaria; afar region; soudan; east africa; secheresse

POSTED TO: Greater Horn of Africa Food Security Bulletin

SUBJECT: niederschlag; acido humico; semiarid zones; type de sol genetique; huminsaeure

POSTED TO: Zeitschrift fuer Pflanzenernaehrung und Bodenkunde (Germany, F.R.) [0044-3263]

SUBJECT: production vegetale; cruzamiento; linee consanguinee; plant production; maturazione

POSTED TO: Maydica (Italy) [0025-6153]

SUBJECT: floricultura; floriculture; belgique; mercadeo; olanda

POSTED TO: Italia Agricola (Italy) [0021-275X]

The Author explains the changing in the production environment for domestic animals, mainly in the parks, where the animal agriculture could help for a sustainable management and conservation of natural resources. Like is realized in Kenyan Natural Parks, the involving of local population and the tourist attraction give an important key for the development of parks as centre for biodiversity c ...

SUBJECT: elevage; ecologie; ganaderia; ecologia; parques nacionales

POSTED TO: Zootecnica e Nutrizione Animale (Italy) [0390-0487]

SUBJECT: pisciculture; piscicoltura; piscicultura; environmental impact; mercadeo

POSTED TO: Informatore Zootecnico (Italy) [0020-0778]